Friday, April 24, 2015

Trip to Chicago....Mom's post

Buck and I
We had a wonderful trip to Chicago and laid to rest one of the most wonderful ladies ever known. Bucks Grandmother, Maria Bojczuk, passed away at age 91. We're so thankful we had the chance to visit with her last year...our Texas trip Family came from coast to coast to attend her funeral. Everyone that had a hand in that did a wonderful job. The Ukrainian church, where some of the service took pass, was just beautiful! And the dinner after was amazing with a wonderful time of fellowship. I'm glad this was the first funeral for my children, because it was a good kind of sorrow. She lived a nice long life and was loved by all, but most importantly accepted Jesus as her true Savior and we'll see her again! She's with the Lord in a paradise that we can not more pain....and she's young again! She will be missed by all and we'll do our best to continue her legacy.

While in Chicago we visited family and the old neighborhood were Buck lived. He always
shares stories about living in Chicago, but would never let us get out and visit any of the places.
Outside Fiores
It's been 10yrs since our last visit and the old neighborhood had a "face lift", so Buck let us walk around and check it out. There was a little Italian corner store he use to go to with his allowance every week and get a canolli and yoohoo. We took a trip over there and there it was! Fiore's! We got Canollis and Tiramisu. They were both the best I'd ever had.

We also went to visit Buck's sisters, Misha and Maria. Misha and Carlo Sr. have a really cute house in a nice part of town. And they they made sure we ate well (famous Chicago pizza and fried chicken)...there was so much delicious food we could have stayed for a few days. Misha's son Carlo has his own reptile zoo in his room, which is another highlight of the trip. He was kind to let all the kids hold his his cute turtles.
One of Carlos turtles, he said this one can
live to be 150 yrs old!
Misha, Carlo Sr, and Gravy
Buck and cousins (Veronia's children)

YMCA that Buck and his Bro went to
Reptile exhibit :)

Apartments Buck grew up in (his uncle
owns them now)

Elsie and I
Then, we went to Kurt and Noelle's (Buck's Uncle and Aunt),who made the best chili and BBQ sandwiches...mmm.
 Then Veronica's (Buck's Aunt), who had some more awesome Chicago pizza...time to get back on the treadmill. We visited with all Buck's cousins and their child and had a blast.

To sum it up...its true...everything taste better in Chicago, there's a variety of food and lots of it. And your family will make sure your well feed. Their driving is close to that of South America, the lines on the road are only a suggestion, the buses will push you out of the way, and when you park the car, you better get out quick or you could lose your door!...we seen this happen to a van while we were there. And most importantly Chicago may be big, fast moving city, but Buck's family slowed down to spend time with us and make us feel welcome. Their all so great and we all have no problem picking up where we left off, even if its been a decade. We love you all.

Grandma's children: Olga, Mishie (Buck's dad), Meddon, and Jerry
Bojczuk cousins
Beautiful Ukrainian church 
cool looking building downtown
Misha, Mishie, Maria

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Posie's chicken spa!

Yep, that's a chicken in there :D
When the chickens are not being bathed. Lol
Posie, is so cute when it comes to chickens, especially when we're talking about Silkie chickens. :) Lately, Posie has been having spa days for chickens, by putting them in buckets of water with soap, and then having a bucket for the rinse. Fortunately, most of the chickens are pretty calm when it comes to their baths. Right now Posie is bathing some other chicken, and yesterday is when these pics were taken. :D

Monday, March 2, 2015

Chickens, snow, and sledding!

Mom and I. :) 

Newnan Chicken Show!!!

Last Saturday we went to the Newnan,GA chicken show and my mom and I showed our beautiful birds like we have in the past. I won 1st again, which makes me a three time winner for the largest show in the South East for the breed of "Polish". :) I encouraged Mom to show her very large English Orpington rooster, because I saw how marvelous he looked! Mom wasn't so sure, but she did anyway, and she won 2nd. We also came home with some Old German Owl pigeons that I insisted on buying. I named them Gem and Jay, :D



Mary and grandpa with their snowman
At first, the weather people predicted it to rain for 3 hours straight before dropping an ounce of snow...and then we'd get some snow. :( "Oh," we all thought. Snow doesn't stick great with wetness everywhere! And so, as Mom and I and Mary fed the chickens, I said, "Mom, when is this rain supposed to come in? It shows on the radar we're already supposed to be getting it." But none came. Fast forward one hour later...and there...huge and many snowflakes came fluttering from the grey sky. :D Around 5:45 p.m. we ran outside after supper and began playing in the elegant whiteness, We later heard that it snowed for over 12 hours straight...without stopping!!!
The cows...enjoying the snow :)
Ginger, and the snow. :) 
Now, not only did the joy of the chicken show come, but...WE GOT SNOW!!!!

Me and Snail sledding on snow day #1
Mom and Little Young

The farm, the morning after the snowstorm.
This is pic was taken from our front porch...

And what did I make at least three times after it snowed?! SNOW CREAM!!!!! Oh, yum. It's so easy. Just take some snow and make a milk and sugar mixture in a cup (add about a cup of milk at a time, and a few TBSP of sugar to the milk for a mixture that you slowly add to the snow). Mix and add some Cocoa and/or vanilla. Chocolate is really good. You may need to get more snow, because remember, some of it will melt. .

We also had a blast sledding. :) :D ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Little Young's story

Little Young LOVES whipped cream...who doesn't?
Little Young on X-mas

Introducing...Little Young!!!

Little young, is the second youngest in the family...right next to (yes, we finally thought of a name for the youngest!!!) Gravy. Little Young is the cutest little two year old boy I've ever encountered! Yesterday, I was making my famous Buttermilk pie, and Little Young climbed up on the stool and started watching me. "I love you little guy," I whispered. "I love you Elsie!" He said, and he threw his arms around me...and as he did, he tipped mom's cup over which spilled everywhere!!! It was still HILARIOUS! He seems so smart for his age as well. We purchased some Pre-school prep DVDS a while back for extremely cheap off groupon a while back, and he is SO smart with them. You can right a small word on the easel and he'll point and say the word with a big cheesy smile. :) He's always willing to help, and whenever someone asks which kid he most looks like...well, we just don't know! He looks like a combination of Gus-Gus and Chuck in one! Little young will be having his 3rd birthday on June 15th. :D He is probably the funniest of all of us all. He'll say silly little jokes, normally just for attention...but he's so silly!

Little Young making one of his silly faces. :D

The first pic I took with my kindle...was this one....haha!!!!

Here...we are at a Christmas party, and little young loved the nutcracker! Can you imagine the joy of having a toy as big as you! Haha

Little Young at Steak and Shake.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My now famous Buttermilk pie recipe, tips, and secrets...shhh!!!

 Hey Everyone!

Ok, hope everyone's doing well. :) And I hope everyone's ready for Valentine's Day. :D On this post, I wanted to share my favorite dessert recipe in the entire world. It maybe not be anything like the Tiramisu you get at OG, but it's so delicious and not too sweet, as long as you DON'T follow the recipe, lol. This recipe makes one pie, but is easily doubled.


-1 9" pie crust (optional...I never use it because it works well without. :)

-3 eggs
-A stick of butter (melted)
-3 TBS. flour
-1 1/2 cups sugar
-1 cup Buttermilk
-2 TBS. lemon juice
-1 tsp. Vanilla
-1/4 tsp. nutmeg

1. Whip eggs until frothy. (You'll see lots of little bubbles) Add butter, sugar, and flour. Stir well.

2. Add buttermilk, lemon juice, vanilla, and nutmeg. Mix.

3. Pour into pie plate (with your crust if you used it) and bake at 350 degrees F. for 35-45 minutes.

4. When done, let cool a little and slop on some whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. :) Taste, and enjoy.


-Let the pie crust set out for 20-30 minutes. It'll work so much better.
-Farm fresh eggs make this even more healthy.
-Organic that's GOOD!
-Don't underbake or over bake. This pie should be lightly browned, but still custardy.

My own secrets...shhhh!!!

-I use our homemade buttermilk.
-Farm fresh eggs.
-Make this as a breakfast meal! So yummy.
-I add more lemon and vanilla but less sugar (if I'm making this as a breakfast dish. You don't want it to be too sweet.)
-I suggest adding cinnamon as well. If your not a nutmeg fan, this is great. :D 

Thanks for viewing! Find the original recipe...Here!

Elsie and family.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

It's Elsie again!

I wanted to bring in the memories of our farm from this year, 2014.

The funny moments, the cheesy moments, the DO-NOT-TAKE-MY-PICTURE moments, and the laugh-your-head-off-moments.


Polish Chickens
Me and Daisy 2013

I wanted to do a brief explanation about my polish chickens. The colors I have are mostly black with a white crest, but I also have gotten some blue in my lines, using a female named Claire who was splash color. I bred her to my rooster, Roscoe, a black with a white crest. I have gotten two full grown offspring from them with consists of Pearl, and Blue. Breeding is so much fun! seeing what colors your going to come out with and what their going to look's just so much fun!
 I use them for show purposes, and have actually gotten "Best in Breed" two years in a row at the Newnan Chicken show. Both wins were with different chickens. "Daisy" (In the picture with me holding here which was 2013) and "Dotty" which was this past year 2014.  One of my favorite parts of getting a chicken ready for showing is giving them a bath and blow drying them. I always imagine that their so thankful that their one of our many chickens getting to be bathed and blown dry!

Just fun!
These are all just funny or cute pics that I thought everyone would enjoy seeing from our glorious year of 2014!

Now your probably looking at that delicious looking blackberry cobbler over there on the left. Well, that recipe has really been a favorite around our house during blackberry season. It is so SO SO simple to make...and yes it is heavenly to eat! Click here for recipe!

Blackberry Cobbler

Some of the "Gang" at Chick-fil-a
(from left to right: me, Chuck, Snail,
Mary, Rose, and Gus-gus)

Princess and Lily
My favorite picture of Little Young

4th of July parade.
(From left to right: Me, Gus-Gus, Chuck, and our cousin, Mikie)

Dad in Chuck's soapbox racer

Rose and Snail riding my friend's horse, River.

Thanks for looking! May you have a peaceful and prosperous 2015!!!

-Everyone from Mt. Promise Land Farm

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Elsie is now taking over the blog!!!

What happened?!

Oh what's happened?!?!

I (Elsie) am taking over our family blog!!! We have become kinda busy and getting ready for X-mas and everything, so right now...and for a long time, I will be doing the blog. :) As you know, my Mom was the one who did the posts...but right now everything has been super busy!!!


First of all you might want to know what's been going on around Mt. Promise Land Farm. We've been getting ready for Christmas first of all. This time of year is always so very busy!

A few months ago, I was BEGGING my daddy for a horse. I was totally bothered by the thought of maybe I would never get a horse. I wanted to feel that rush of riding a horse and the blue sky above you and the white fluffy clouds passing. I wanted the thrill of galloping across the
pasture and feeling the wind whip my hair. But all I could do was pray. I would have never thought this, but I was texting my friend one day about a horse, and she said that she and her Mom wanted to give their stubborn horse, Ginger away. What could I do? Ask Dad? Good idea. Next day I bothered Dad BAD about Ginger. "It's for FREE!" I would whine. "Nothing's for free. What about your job?" Dad was right. I had been working on a farm for some of our family friends early that year, but they didn't have much work for me to do, so I hadn't worked in a few months. I prayed for a job. I prayed every night about Ginger. Ginger...she was awesome! We drove down to her stable and I got the feel of riding her. She was a pure Quarter horse, about 15.2 hand high and sound as a 15 years old! No health problems or nothing!!! She rode pretty well, even though I knew she was a little rough and stubborn sometimes.

Ginger, my 15 year old Quarter Horse. That's me on her.
Now, rewind a few months and guess what I did? I gave away Pancake, our adorable little pony because Dad said, "Get rid of the pony and we'll get a horse." I was all in. We did that and I just couldn't wait until that perfect horse came around my corner.

We waited for Dad's answer. The day after visiting Ginger, we went to our favorite buffet and  a man whom we didn't even know, at another table asked Dad, "Where do you preach at?" We were all shocked! How we know Dad ministered? Dad went over to the man's table and they talked for a little bit. We found out later that the man had told dad, "Let me show you what I bought my daughter." WHAT WAS IT?! A HORSE. Dad always said it was like lightning between the eyes, and to all of us it was definitely God telling us that Ginger should be ours.

Monday Dad made the decision that we could get Ginger. "But what about my job to pay for her feed and stuff?" I asked worriedly. "We may know of a job you can get," Dad said mysteriously. And what a shock it was! About 2 weeks later I started working for my mysterious boss...MY SWEET AUNT!!!

We picked up Ginger exactly a week after we went and visited her. And now I ride her all the time and we chase our calf across the pasture and imagine ourselves in the rodeo. Another blessing? Katie (my friend who gave me Ginger) gave me her English saddle and her bridle for Ginger. I now have 3 saddles from two different people that were given to me!!!

Our living room
What's the house look like around Christmas?

We have never done any lights on the outside of the house, but this year we did them up our front porch, and got some mini Christmas trees with lights to set by the front door. :) Our cozy and welcoming living room is freshened up this year and I never remember seeing it this festive before! You can notice our poodle, Lily in her doggie sweater in front of the fireplace. We almost NEVER light a fire in this fireplace, because we have a wood burning stove in our basement which gives off a LOT of heat!!!

The front porch

The 18th Annual Cookie Bake!!!

Mary and her Gingerbread reindeer
Us ladies, we do an annual Cookie Bake, and this has been the 17th year my mom has done it with my Grandma and Aunt Michelle, but this is my 6th year...and so I believe this is actually the 18th year that the cookie bake has been done!!! This is the first year my sister Mary has done it. This year I made buckeyes (You can find this recipe on my Pinterest board "Food, Drink and Recipes". My board to my recipes on Pinterest.), my famous Peanut Butter fudge recipe  that I make every year (found on, some Eggnog Cookies (also on my Pinterest. See the link above) and some Chocolate Chip Cookie dough truffles. Click here for recipe. 

All of these recipes turned out great for me...and quite yummy!!!


And so, this is how our farm is...happy and healthy and getting ready for this grand season! And so, our Christmas starts tomorrow. Thank you for reading and I promise...posts will be more often.

-Elsie and the family