Friday, July 26, 2013

Could it be a ......Flesh eating infection?!?!?!

What started as a rug burn, soon started to grow on poor Chuck's leg. We went to the lake for Snail's birthday and the children stayed in the water all day. While everyone was drying off my son pointed out that his scab had fallen off his rug burn.  I didn't give it much thought until a few days later it had more than doubled in size! We tried triple antibiotic kept growing. One evening while doing a prayer/praise service at our house, my mind was consumed by this growing scab. As I was thanking God for my son's healing, it came to me! **side story** My husband had a Staph infection on the top of his hand, after 2 rounds of antibiotics from the doc it was still there and they wished him good luck on trying to heal it on his own. A friend of mine suggested a herbal mix topical and orally. Within a couple days his staph infection was getting smaller and in a week it was gone! So, while i was praying the Lord reminded me of the herbal capsules. Right after service,
I ran and put some on my son's scab and he took one orally. In the morning his whole scab was oozing a honey looking substance. Then, I read a prayer request were someone had their leg amputated after catching a "fleshing eating bacteria" of some sort from the ocean. That was it....I called the doc and went to get his opinion. The doctor said it looked like Staph or Strep.....both live on the skin. He said the honey discharge is typical of either. He also said that the herbs i was putting on it probably would have healed it. But we got an antibiotic script, just to be sure. I am continuing to put the herbs on topically. I am so thankful that it wasnt serious and the poor little guy is on the mend. I am including some pics of us waiting for the doc. Yep, we all fit in one room :) We only had to play the quiet game 3x, Mary won twice and Snail won the last one. We also got a kick out of the growth charts on the There was a red zone at the top, over weight zone. Then, there was a green zone, the "healthy" weight zone. The blue zone was at bottom, this place is for the "unhealthy" underweight children.....guess where mine are lol.....if you guessed blue...your correct! The doc just laughed and said they are a healthy skinny :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pancake the Pirate Pony!

 Our oldest daughter had been dreaming of the day she could get her own horse and for a split second my husband considered getting one for Christmas....thats all it took.  Elsie found an ad for Pancake and the next day he was ours.....hers!  We've had him since January and he is a great addition to the farm. He has a lame eye on one side. And a friend of ours dubed him "Pancake the Pirate Pony".

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black & Blue Cobbler

Black and Blue Cobbler

This is a very easy recipe and the children love to help....

*2 cups flour ( we have done half white half fresh ground wheat)
*2 tsp baking powder
*1 tsp salt
*2 cups sugar
*1/3 cup softened butter
*1 cup milk

*2-3 cups fresh berries
*2 cups boiling water

- preheat to 350 degrees and put some water on to boil ( i use a kettle)
- mix dry ingredients....set aside. 
- cream 1 cup of the sugar and butter. alternately add the flour mixture and the milk. you will have a nice doughy paste.
- smooth dough into the bottom of a 9x13 pan
- put berries on top of dough and sprinkle with the remaining cup of can use less sugar as this is sweet.
- pour your boiling water over the mixture (i know, i know...sounds crazy, but it works)
- cook in your oven uncovered for about 50 minutes until dough is cooked through. Some of the dough will have risen to the top. I put a ton berries, so not a lot of my dough rises. I normally put tin foil over the top AFTER it comes out of the oven to soften the berries up, they can get dry from baking.

Serve with vanilla ice have to have the ice cream.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blueberry picking to make cobbler

We have had blueberry bushes for years and the kids eat the berries before I can ever make anything. Well, last year we bought a few acres of land next to us and to our surprise it is covered in wild blueberries! BLESSED! So, we all got our shoes on (and put Little Young in my back) and headed out, with a prize cobbler in mind.
Everyone promised not to eat any, as I assured them there was a surprise in the end.
Blackberries were just coming into season too, so it was now going to be a "black&blue cobbler". The bushes were small and close to the ground, because the animals love them just as much as us. But, they were everywhere! I had Snail as my partner picking and she was the best little picker. Going along she would say, " hurry Mommy, we have to full our bucket before the boys!"  Gus-Gus came to help us when the children started talking about how the blackberry thicket looked like the perfect place for a snake home. He is our timid little guy who runs out of the room if a movie gets intense. It doesn't help much that my husband has used this property to bury the carcasses of varments on for years, so there is coyote, fox, raccoon, and opossum bones scattered everywhere.  (dont worry, they had it coming after killing much of our poultry) But most of the conversation consisted of that cobbler we would be making.......

And in the end I gave them 5 minutes to eat as many berries as they could......

Cobbler recipes tomorrow........

--I am having a hard time putting my pics where I want them.....if course I'm using a kindle--

Snail tries out her birthday present.

Elsie, snail, and I all went to the grocery store and Snail brought her new grocery cart. Of course there was a lot of people praising Snail for driving so well and helping mommy shop (just like my sister in law said would happen). Snail is not a shy little girl, so she was cruising the grocery store, bobbing her head and flashing her smile.We got some groceries for the party......see the cheetios and ice cream in her We had a great time.
Have to make Daddy proud by popping a wheelie
Look Mimi, I have my birthday doll in the cart

Friday, July 19, 2013

Our little Snail is 3!

Happy Birthday Snail! In our family the girls can't wait to turn 5, because that is the age they can get their ears pierced, if they so choose. So, the first thing she said was, "How long until I'm 5" She also has the privilege of picking her favorite meal and birthday cake of her choice. But, she still can't decide what she wants as her favorite meal. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.....sounds a lot like her uncle (my husbands brother).
A pic of Snail with her new birthday present....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Corn teethers

You didn't think I forgot the little man, did you? Little Young is having a difficult time teething and  the corn looked like a great teether teether to

Children in the corn

Our corn is just starting  to get ready, so everyone trecks outside to harvest. There is nothing better than a fresh cob of corn right  off the grill. We normally leave  the husks on and  throw them right on the grill. They steam in the husky and come out warm and ready for butter! Since my husband  is originally from Chicago he puts mayo and chili powder on his....sometimes parmesan cheese....mmm. I enjoy plain old butter. How do you enjoy your corn?

Here are some pics of the bunch getting corn.........
Cheers, corn for all.

Gus-Gus is trying to hide, but is a wee bit bigger than the corn
Poise and Mary

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Help me find a "blog" name for my husband

If you have a suggestion for a "blog" name for my husband, please put your idea in the "comments" area. Then, i am going to let everyone vote on the names. I can't wait to see what the results are.

The suggestions we have so far are......

* Chief
* Big Buck

I love them, this is going to be hard.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Plantain Scorpion

Everyday we have a 30 min reading time, and the summer is no different. All the children were busy getting their books when I heard Gus-Gus screaming that he had been burnt. As I rounded the corner ,to see what had burnt him, he ran right past me. He just kept running the circle in our house, through the living room, dining room, kitchen, hall....over and over again. I just kept chasing him around and around the house. As I looked behind me, I seen all of the children were following suit behind.  I caught him and we all stopped. Mary had found what "burnt" was a scorpion! I darted into the room where the reading books are. There he (has to be a he) was striking his tail at anything that moved. "Not for long", I said. Smash. Just then a remembered that we had a pesky plant in the yard that draws out poison....Plantain! I grabbed a few leaves and chewing them as I ran back into the house. I kept thinking, "this gross tasting stuff better be worth it". I could hear poor Gus-Gus howling in pain (if he is even saying ouch you know it's going to be a hospital trip). I put the green glop on his sting and in less that a minute he was ready to get up and play! I was blown away. Isnt it amazing how God created the scorpion, but he also created something to heal the sting. So, if you see me chewing my cud, you know there must be a boo-boo near by.
I included pictures of the smashed scorpion and a poor plantain......normally our plantain is knee high, but hubby mowed the yard....yay!!!
Okay, now I got the picture bigger. Elsie (13, G), Chuck (11, B), Gus-Gus (8, B), Mary (6, G), Posie (4, G), Snail (2, G), and Little Young (1, B)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

We finally did it!

After years of people asking me to blog we have finally taken the plunge. (hopfully no one will be sorely disappointed) Welcome to Mt Promise Land Farm's blog. Short intro..... We have 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys. My husband works off the farm and I stay home with the brood. All of the children are excited about helping me blog. For privacy reasons, we are not using our real names.....the kids are so thrilled about this as they got to choose their "blog" names!!! I'll go in line by age with the children: "Elsie", "Chuck", "Gus-Gus", "Mary", "Posie", "Snail", and "Little Young" This is going to be so fun :)

My husband has yet to pick a name (and we all know there will be plenty about him on, so I need your help! Please give me some suggestions on a "blog" name for my dear hubby.