Monday, July 22, 2013

Blueberry picking to make cobbler

We have had blueberry bushes for years and the kids eat the berries before I can ever make anything. Well, last year we bought a few acres of land next to us and to our surprise it is covered in wild blueberries! BLESSED! So, we all got our shoes on (and put Little Young in my back) and headed out, with a prize cobbler in mind.
Everyone promised not to eat any, as I assured them there was a surprise in the end.
Blackberries were just coming into season too, so it was now going to be a "black&blue cobbler". The bushes were small and close to the ground, because the animals love them just as much as us. But, they were everywhere! I had Snail as my partner picking and she was the best little picker. Going along she would say, " hurry Mommy, we have to full our bucket before the boys!"  Gus-Gus came to help us when the children started talking about how the blackberry thicket looked like the perfect place for a snake home. He is our timid little guy who runs out of the room if a movie gets intense. It doesn't help much that my husband has used this property to bury the carcasses of varments on for years, so there is coyote, fox, raccoon, and opossum bones scattered everywhere.  (dont worry, they had it coming after killing much of our poultry) But most of the conversation consisted of that cobbler we would be making.......

And in the end I gave them 5 minutes to eat as many berries as they could......

Cobbler recipes tomorrow........

--I am having a hard time putting my pics where I want them.....if course I'm using a kindle--

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