Friday, July 26, 2013

Could it be a ......Flesh eating infection?!?!?!

What started as a rug burn, soon started to grow on poor Chuck's leg. We went to the lake for Snail's birthday and the children stayed in the water all day. While everyone was drying off my son pointed out that his scab had fallen off his rug burn.  I didn't give it much thought until a few days later it had more than doubled in size! We tried triple antibiotic kept growing. One evening while doing a prayer/praise service at our house, my mind was consumed by this growing scab. As I was thanking God for my son's healing, it came to me! **side story** My husband had a Staph infection on the top of his hand, after 2 rounds of antibiotics from the doc it was still there and they wished him good luck on trying to heal it on his own. A friend of mine suggested a herbal mix topical and orally. Within a couple days his staph infection was getting smaller and in a week it was gone! So, while i was praying the Lord reminded me of the herbal capsules. Right after service,
I ran and put some on my son's scab and he took one orally. In the morning his whole scab was oozing a honey looking substance. Then, I read a prayer request were someone had their leg amputated after catching a "fleshing eating bacteria" of some sort from the ocean. That was it....I called the doc and went to get his opinion. The doctor said it looked like Staph or Strep.....both live on the skin. He said the honey discharge is typical of either. He also said that the herbs i was putting on it probably would have healed it. But we got an antibiotic script, just to be sure. I am continuing to put the herbs on topically. I am so thankful that it wasnt serious and the poor little guy is on the mend. I am including some pics of us waiting for the doc. Yep, we all fit in one room :) We only had to play the quiet game 3x, Mary won twice and Snail won the last one. We also got a kick out of the growth charts on the There was a red zone at the top, over weight zone. Then, there was a green zone, the "healthy" weight zone. The blue zone was at bottom, this place is for the "unhealthy" underweight children.....guess where mine are lol.....if you guessed blue...your correct! The doc just laughed and said they are a healthy skinny :)

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