Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Everyone wants to be a mommy

Three of our hens decide to go broody, so they can be mommies again. Betty, was the first to start. She snuggled down on the soft hay and got down as flat as she could on her one egg. We collect eggs everyday, so she only had one. We realized she meant business, so we gave her 5 eggs to sit on. Broodiness is contagious and it wasn't long before Picalily and Winky decided that they needed more children also. They too got 5 eggs each. All three of them hatched chicks together about 3 months ago. Their 3 month old babies just look up and watch their mother's, wondering whats doing on. Now we have a lot of chicks running around motherless. Our bantam rooster, Fresno, has taken the mothering job and is doing well. He also has taken in Wilma's chicks (the hen that was killed).

Betty is a Calico Cochin, Picalily is a black Japanese bantam, and Winky is a white
Japanese bantam.

Stay less than 21 days we will post pics of the chicks that hatch. ( chicken eggs incubate for 21 days)



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