Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fresh coconut water

We bought a young coconut, when we went shopping a couple weeks ago. I love coconut water and I figured I'd give it a try. When we think coconut, we think brown, hard exterior, white in the middle, and a small amount of "water" inside. Well, a young coconut hasn't fully
ripened and has a white soft exterior, has a hard shell forming around the water, and it is full to the top with coconut water! I took a butcher knife and jabbed it into the top, it hit the hard shell in the center and wouldn't budge, so I grabbed a meat tenderizer and gave it a few wackos. I repeated until I had cut a square in the top. I then stuck the knife into on of the cuts and pooped it open. I was amazed at the amount of coconut water in it!  And to top it off, it was the best tasting coconut water I have ever drank....and I've tried them all. After everyone tried some and I finished it, we scraped the white flesh out. It was very soft and thin.....not like a mature coconut. All in all it was worth the $1 I spent. Next time we go I'll get more than one and dehydrate the white flesh.

I heard falling coconuts kill more people than cancer, so your safest beat on getting one of these bad boys is going to the grocery store. We went to the Dekalb Co Market "World
Market". If you have never been there it is worth the trip!

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