Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet Chuck

Chuck 's birthday is in April and he is currently 11 yrs old. He was a difficult baby, but the most compliant and caring young man.
Out of all the children he looks the most like my family, not necessarily like me, but my family.
Chuck is in charge of snack everyday
He loves to read....yay....and researches anything that sparks an interest with him. Currently he's reading, The Hobbit.
Chuck loves anything to do with science. He has his own flower garden and can name just about any flower or bug around. While we're weeding I frequently ask him " Is this a good bug or bad bug?" And he always knows!
He also enjoys shooting his BB gun archery, knife throwing, legos, climbing trees, anything to do with wars. And hunting....he is hoping to get his first deer this year. Elsie killed her first deer at 11, so the pressure is I forgot fishing, he wanted me to come back and add it.
Chuck has decided that he wants to be a carpenter by trade and "build things with my hands". I have tried to encourage him to go to college, but for now he isn't interested.
He raises modern game bantams and Blue fawn call ducks.
His favorite food is cheese. He loves buying different kinds he has never tried. His current favorite is Smoked Gouda.
Most importantly, he ask God into his heart when he was 9.

Chuck and his first call duckling

Jawbreaker that the candy store have him

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