Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet Elsie

I decided to write a short blog about each child. They are all so unique and interesting.....going oldest to youngest.

Elsies birthday is in November, she will be 14.
Elsie is such a kind hearted child, I could write pages about her. She enjoys cooking and frequently makes up her own recipes....most of the time it is yummy. Her current favorite recipe is carrot cake.
She also crochets.....better than At one point in time she was selling wash clothes and hair flowers. Even her and her sisters dolls are decked out in crocheted items.
Elsie loves reading, babysitting, and even housework! Yes, you read right. She said she loves getting done with a chore and admiring her work :) But, most of all she has a heart for horses. Her daydreams about them are endless.  Elsie is looking forward to the horses in heaven. We bought pancake, so she can learn how to care for a small pony before we take the plunge and buy a huge horse. She can be just as tuff as the boys, going down the zipline, hunting (yep, killed her own deer). But, she is a lady through and through.
I don't like thinking about her getting older, but its bound to happen. I know when she does get married and move out, we will still spend time together. I get weepy just thinking about it. She says, "Mom, I'll come over everyday and we can have tea and talk." Waaaaaa, where did my baby girl go. She plans on becoming a dental hygenist.....if she hasn't met her future spouse by then. She is wise beyond her years. I so love  our quiet times together.
The three oldest children have their own breed of poultry, Elsie raises standard sz (big) Polish and Magpie call ducks bantam (small).
Elsie's favorite food is Buffalo Lasagna.
She asked God into her heart when she was 8.

Elsie and her prize winning Polish @ the poultry show

Elsie and my nephew

Elsie and her pet lizard Larry....she had him for 1 day
She got stitches in her knee

A stick bug getting some sun while we were weeding the garden

One of her Polish chickens

Elsie and Little Young


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