Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pears in the Air.....or on the

We got up this morning like any other day and started our schedule. My mother called and said she had a branch break on her pear tree and wanted to know if we wanted any. Hard to turn down yummy pears and the company of my mother for the day!

Elsie and i quickly fed the chickens and started some school before Mimi (my mom) arrived. As soon as Little Young was down for his nap, we got to work with the pears.

Mimi and I both have a device called an "Apple peeler, corer, slicer" and it does just that. The pears don't have to be cored l like an apple, but this labor saving device is worth the little bit of waste. Chuck ran one and Mimi ran the other, then everyone started noticing how fun it was. Wasn't long before the two controlling the crank we're racing. If you didn't know this already, when there are children involved, the way to get work done really fast is a race! I collected the pears that were done and started two pots of pear sauce (like Apple sauce....I'll share the recipe tomorrow). After the pots were full, we still had 3 gallon bags for the freezer and a huge bowl to dehydrate. And Chuck put a bowl under each device to catch the boy :)

What a great day! I love my schedule and would not be able to function without it, but you have to leave room for unexpected events. We will miss out on a blessing or a chance to bless someone else if we don't stray from the schedule sometimes. I am so thankful my mom came today, what a blessing.



Mimi and Posie

Snail snacking on a non-conformant pear


Chuck and Mimi


The huge tub of pears, this is after a third was already done!

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! I need one of those for when I start making my apple pies again.