Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wheat Grinding Whoas

We love fresh baked bread, so when Elsie asked if she could make some, of course the answer was "yes"!

Several years ago, I listened to cd called " Do Not Eat the bread of Idleness" by Sue Becker and that really made me think about how when making white flour all the good stuff is taken out (and given to animals) and whats left is bleached and turned into white flour. If you can get ahold of a copy of that cd its worth listening to. Shortly after, I asked my husband if we could get a "Nutrimill" grinder. He of course had sticker shock and suggested we get a hand-crank wheat grinder. All I could do was laugh. "Do you have any idea how long it would take for me or the children to grind enough wheat by hand to make bread?", I asked. "I'll grind all the wheat you need", my dear husband said. So, we purchased a hand grinder off ebay. We were ready to start eating bread that was good for us!  The grinder was a retangle shape and had a long lever, like a meat grinder, it hooked to the counter top. And you fed the wheat into the top. There was a swirling grinder wheel inside and it forced the grain out through a small cirlce in the front. He filled the grinder with wheat and went to town turning the lever round and round. The flour sprinkled out the front of the grinder and onto an awaiting plate. After about 20 minutes he  called me over and declared that we was done. "Ha", I said, "thats only 2 cups". "Well, how much do you need?", he asked. "5", I said. With some coaxing he finished grinding my five cups and i made my bread. He of course swore he would never grind that much wheat again and told me to start saving for the "Nutrimill" automatic We saved for a year to get the Nurtimill and in the mean time the oldest two children took turns grinding wheat for pancakes and waffles (it took too long to grind for bread). During that time we still bought bread from the store and the family would joke and tell each other "we're eating the bread of idleness!" When we finally got the Nutrimill we all appreciated how fast and effortless it grinded. We still have the hand crank, just incase the power goes out (my husbands idea). You never know, our power does go out frequently. I may want to make some bread and cook it.....hmmm.....on the I'll post the bread recipe we use tomorrow. Little Young says its time to pay attention to him.

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