Friday, September 13, 2013

Above the Rubies retreat

Here Elsie and I are at an "Above the Rubies" retreat and of course, sleep is not coming. This is the very first time I have ever spent the night away from my family and especially, my husband. Things are going well and we are keeping busy.

 There are 11 of us that traveled here, to Tennessee, for the retreat. The speaker is Nancy Campbell, of course, and God has gifted her with the ability to encourage women, in their roles as wives and mothers. I love the Above the Rubies magazine and with ever issue I feel so blessed and encouraged. I'm sure this retreat is going to be the same way!

I miss my husband terribly. And rocking Little Young to sleep, talking with the little girls before bed, braiding Mary's hair before bed, and listening to the boys ramble on about Star Wars. When I get home I'm just going to soak in my family!

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