Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Gus-Gus

Gus-gus' birthday is in November and he will be 9.
I remember when I was pregnant with Gus-Gus, I just knew it was a boy. I so badly wanted a girl, because Chuck has been such a difficult baby. But, I sure am glad God knows better than me. Gus-Gus has been such a joy to us. I truly can't imagine life with a single one of our children.
Gus-Gus is always  willing to help, even if he is a bit of a day dreamer. We'll be working on
something together and he'll ask a deep question like "How can heaven be the perfect place, if everyone we love isn't there?" He always surprises me with his questions. His main     interests right now are shooting his bb gun, knife throwing, hunting, fishing, war, Star Wars and Angry birds.
Our family has recently discovered Star Wars and he is absorbed! He was helping me with laundry this morning, and was totally drilling me on the characters on Star Wars and how to spell their names! That boy knows how to spell those names, but has trouble on his spelling!
Gus-Gus goes hunting with Buck, but is mostly watching and learning before he can handle a gun. He is getting very good target practicing with his bow, though.
When it comes to fishing he will confess, "I go fishing for all the yummy snacks!" But somehow he still manages to do well fishing.
His all time favorite hobby is.......eating. This guy can put it away. He always says, "I'm not full until my belly hurts." I have to remind him, that's what over eating feels His favorite food is Perogies and Sausage, he always request it for his birthday meal.
He raises white call ducks.
Gus-Gus either wants to be a carpenter or farmer.....or both!
Gus-Gus put his faith in Jesus this summer and it was such a precious time. While weeding
the garden, he said, "Mom, last night I couldn't sleep and I felt like God was talking to me." Then he said, "I always though I would get saved when I was older, but I felt like God wanted me to do it now, so I did!" I was so excited and congratulated him. Over the next week, he would ask me if he was really saved and if he had said the right things. The poor guy was worried. He finally came to grips that he was saved and said that God was living in him. And helping him not to do wrong. He is a people pleaser and just wanted to make sure it was just right.....he melts my heart.

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