Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Science project...making a cell

Can you tell we love Science? This project is made out of candy! Much better than the apple experiment...the pigs got to eat that project. This project we used different kinds of candy for each part of a cell. And all the candy goes on the jello.

This project you'll need:
-yellow jello
-unflavored gelatin
- a bowl for each child
- plastic wrap
CANDY ( these are the kinds we used)
-jelly beans.....mitochondria
- skittles..........lysosomes
- pull and peel licorice (cut into small strings)........Golgi bodies
-fruit roll up (cut into stripes)........endoplasmic reticulum
- nerds...............ribosomes
- pull and peel licorice (cut into smaller pieces).......centrioles
- peach ring.................nucleus

We couldn't find the yellow gelatin, so we got green. Get the yellow, the shapes are hard to see in the green. Line your bowl(s) with plastic wrap. Make the jello using the box directions and add the unflavored gelatin to dilute the color. Pour into bowl(s).Let the gelatin set in the bowl. Pop jello domes out onto a plate,then cut slits in the back and push your different candy parts into the slits. Now, we didn't do this part, because our green gelatin was so dark that you could see through it, so we just added them to the top.

You could be really creative with this and even label the different parts of the cell with little "toothpick flags". We did this 2 days before we left for vacation, so I wasn't thinking

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