Thursday, September 12, 2013


We had a great time on vacation! We went to Laguna Beach, Fl, it's right outside Panama City. Buck's brother and his family, bringing our group totally to 4 adults and 11 children.

We left on a Sunday and stopped at the halfway mark to eat at Steak n Shake. We had a blast, especially since children eat free on the weekend! They did great serving our large group and were wonderful when Chuck broke a milkshake glass with his head. He was fine and was only worried about his spilled milkshake....obviously that's the most important thing, right?

Back on the road, we got to the condo just before Little Young hada melt down. Oh, I forgot to mention that I forgot all the toys and books for the kids! We were really lucky it didn't get But, I have any excuse.....David worked the night before we left, so I packed by myself (with help of the children). We're lucky that's all we (I) forgot!

We stayed at Laguna Beach Christian Resort. Talk about a deal!  The condo slept 22 people, so we fit just fine. The condo could use some updating, but no complaints here. We paid less than $600 for 4 nights and we split that,so it was less than $300....can't beat it!

The first morning, our children got up about 6:30 or earlier. My brother and sister in-law's children sleep better than mine, so I'm sure it was a little shock to the system, but their children hung in there and got up early, too. To get to the beach, we only had to cross the street.... I know what your thinking, with 11 kids I'm sure the traffic just came to a screeching halt. Well, not quite. There wasn't much traffic, so we rarely had to wait on any vehicles.

Puddle Jumper
We went to the beach every morning and had a blast. The first day the waves were higher and the older children and I body surfed. We were right by a rip tide, which frightened us at first, but that current brought in a good bit of shells.  Buck, Elsie, Chuck, and I (we went at separate times) had a great a time snorkeling for shells and crabs. Of course, I wasn't fond of the little fish picking on my legs, mostly because while snorkeling you can see them! And I knew a bigger fish was going to come eat shark!  We built a sand castles and
caught blue crabs, which we ate....mmmmm. My favorite thing we brought with was..........Puddle Jumpers. If you have a child or children that aren't strong swimmers, then these are for you......totally sounds like a commercial. They look like they would be hard to swim in, but they aren't and are a total life saver when there are 11 children and only 4 pairs of eyes watching them.

Every evening, the guys went fishing on the beach, with some of the children, and the ladies watched sappy movies and stayed up way too late talking. You know your going to feel exhausted in the morning, when your still awake when they guys come back in from fishing. But, when do we get to stay up late.....and I am not taking about nursing and teething babies! We had just as much fun staying up as the guys and we smelled a lot better, when we went to bed. I think the kids were swimming in the bait....blah. In total, they caught a flounder (Elsie), blue crabs (I think everyone played a role in catching these), a few  other small fish, and Buck caught a shark. He wanted to catch one the whole time and he did, the last night.

The last day, we all went out for shaved ice and ice cream and ate our seafood that had been caught on the trip. We all felt like we could stay a couple more days, but we needed to

get back to the farm. I'm sure my in laws felt the same way, since they were using care of the farm.

When we got home, we all went to bed early and caught up on sleep. We had a great time and hope to do it again.

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