Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another broken bone......who is it this time?!?

The winner is......Chuck! Sunday, he was riding a razor scooter down an asphalt hill.....and the rest is history. I said, "Boy! How in the world did you hurt your arm?" All he had to say was, "I was going as fast as I could and....". That's all I needed to know. I was pretty sure it was broken right away, but Buck wanted to wait until the morning. Meanwhile, Chuck was sweeping one handed and trying to do his normal things....he didn't want any help! Of course by the morning, it was swollen and Chuck was in more pain than the day before, so
we got Xrays and they confirmed that it was a buckle fracture. We had a cast put on and I got to pick the docs brain. I was a little concerned with having the kids break bones, since we (me and my siblings, buck and his brother) never had any broken bones.....and we were dangerous kids.(That's a whole other post) The doctor put my mind at ease and said that they are "active" children and all of their accidents warrant a broken bone. She even said no to extra calcium! Chuck is a repeat offender, here's a list of all the broken bones.....

Chuck, July 31, 2007 (I remember the exact date because it was our Anniversary) he was trying to reach something on the floor, while in the top bunk bed. He broke his radius (lower arm).

Mary, January 2008, She was just over a year old and a Houdini at sucking her belly in and getting out of the highchair straps. She landed on the tile floor. She broke her radius, too.

Elsie, March 2008, She was trying to swing with no arms!  She broke her ulna or radius or both, I don't remember.

So, if your counting that was 3 in less than 8 months! And we only had 4 children at the time! There was a nice drought until....

Snail, December 2012, She jumped off the bunk bed ladder onto a toy...She blamed everyone for not catching her, like they have done in the past (there was no one else in the She broke 2 of her metatarsals (long bones in the middle of your foot)

And now Chuck...again.

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