Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Great locomitive chase festival

Italian Ice gang
Yes, that's a mouth full! We took all the kids to the festival a couple weeks ago and everyone had a blast. They only thing we bought was food, but that was okay with
Buck and i
everyone! We had lunch where the children got a rare treat......Coca-Cola. As you will be able to tell, several of the children wouldn't put the can We do allow the children to have soda on special occasions, but normally it is root beer or ginger ale and such.Buck let the kids decide if they wanted to have ice cream or rides. Everyone chose ice cream, although Snail was confused after she ate hers and didn't get to ride any They opted for Italian Ice instead and everyone enjoyed it. I had my eye out for the homemade root beer, so I didn't have the Italian Ice. But, when we did get a price on the root beer, I decided that $6 was a bit much....maybe I'll learn to make my own.....look out waistline!

Posie, Mary, and Chuck
Maybe we should have selected Posie's color

Snail, Gus-Gus, and Elsie

Snail and Little Young

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