Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet Posie

Posie will be 5 in November, yes another November birthday. She was my first labor and delivery without any pain meds. I was induced with all my precious pregnancies. If you have never been induced, pitocin causes unnaturally long and painful contractions. Yes, contractions are uncomfortable and somewhat painful, but pitocin induced contractions are unbearable. Anyway, with all my inductions I had an epidural. But, with Posie, I went into labor on my own! Her birth was wonderful! Yes, I still had contractions, but they were managable. She was born after 4 hrs of labor instead of 12+ hrs like previously. Plus, recovery was a breeze, I never even needed a Tylenol.

Posie loves art (drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting) more than any of the other children. She
Just Beautiful
enjoys playing with horses, strawberry shortcake, and her 18" doll.

She is a great little helper. She is more than happy to help out with holding babies too, if she can get to them before Mary!

Believe it or not Posie is our loudest child. She has the most petite body, but a loud voice!

She just recently learned to spell her name and is so proud of herself. Her real name is 8 letters, with no duplicates.....So she did a lot of practicing. And she loves animals.

Posie's favorite meal is.........Perogies and Sausage. I know, these poor kids need a little change. You can imagine with all the November birthdays, we have this meal a lot in November. This year Posie decided to change it up a bit......She wants blueberry pancakes and breakfast sausage for her birthday supper.

Posie and a snail

Rolling out bread dough

Swinging with a chicken :)

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