Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our new Call Ducks have arrived!

We ordered a few nice quality Call Ducks, for the kids to show. They came from Indiana, by mail and I picked them up at the local post office....they know us well :) Everyone at the PO (even customers in line) wanted to take a peek at the ducks, but the guy had the box zip tied and taped, so I couldn't open it until I got home.....sorry guys.

Call Ducks were originally bred for hunters to take out duck hunting and "call" ducks in. They are loud and small enough to fit in a pocket. Of course, we don't use them for this, but they make great pets and are easy for the children to handle.
This is a magpie color call duck. You can tell he is a male by the curl in his tail and all the trouble he was giving 

Female Blue Fawn

male Buff

Boxes they traveled in

Buff female

Magpie female

Last one

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