Thursday, November 7, 2013

Victory! Sleeping through the night

You know, sometimes when your going through a battle, you don't want to share about it until the victory. Well, that's the way I felt about Little Young sleeping through the night. It was such a struggle for me, but I just couldn't talk about it until I was the victor.

Little Young was by far the worst sleeper. When he was 4 months old, he started sreaming for an hour after (one of his many) nightly feedings. This continued for almost a month. Once a night he would just cry for an hour and then go back to sleep. We had a trip planned for South Dakota and I had this fear of being kicked out of the hotel, because my screaming baby. God answered our prayer and a couple days before the trip, he stopped the middle night crying. We can't explain why one child is the "best" sleeper and another has issues. God made everyone different and all of my children are a great example. What works with one, sometimes doesn't work with the other children.

We tried all the same things with Little Young, that we had used with the others. I spent many nights sleeping beside his crib, with my arm through the rail, patting his back or holding his hand. I nursed on demand with no relief. When he was 13 months old, I remember telling buck, "I NEED Little Young to sleep through the night!" But Buck wasn't as concerned, because I don't normally start my cycles back, unless the baby is sleeping through the night (so I can't get pregnant). I shot back, "I don't care if I do start my cycles back." "I get more sleep with a newborn." But, he finally did start sleeping through the night when he was 14 months old. I just kept thinking, "All babies sleep through the night eventually." And remembering that really helped me. I'm the type person that can endure just about anything, as long as there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I knew eventually we would be out of that on to the next challenge.....weaning the pacifier.

A baby not sleeping through the night until 14 months, is not normal!!! I don't want to scare any first time parents. My average baby sleeps through the night at 6-8 months.

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