Friday, December 20, 2013

Peanut Cluster Cookies.....Raymond's favorite

I recently found out, not only is this my brother's favorite cookie, but also my FILs. I also love these....except right now, as sweets make me sick :(

Peanut Cluster Cookies

-2 pounds white almond bark
-1c creamy peanut butter
-2c salted roasted peanuts
-3c pastel marshmallows (colored minis)
-4c crispy rice cereal

Melt almond bark and peanut butter on stove in double broiler or thick bottom pot.....on low. Stir often.

After melted add remaining ingredients and drop by tablespoon on wax paper.

- I add a a little more cereal and whatever was left in the bag of marshmallows, because it looked like there was plenty of almond bark/peanut butter mixture to cover more dry ingredients-


Monday, December 16, 2013

Cookie bake

We have a cookie bake every year that normal consists of my MIL (it's at her house), my SOL, Elsie, and myself. Sometimes my SIL'S sister comes or even my mom :) But usually it's just the 4 of us. And Mary will join the baking crew when she is either 9 or 10 (Elsie was 9).....for Mary it can't come soon

The annual cookie bake was this past Saturday. We started at 10am and left my mother in laws at 8pm. It was rainy and cold outside, but you would have never known. The kitchen was toasty and cheerful ask day. As usual, it was a wonderful day and we all left with a ton of cookies to share with others.

My mother in law made Cherry Bon-bons cookies, pecan maple cookies, and choc peppermint fudge. My sister in law made pumpkin cookies, Cadbury egg cookies, and choc
Elsie and her Bon-bons
oatmeal cookies. Elsie made divinity, almond bon-bon cookies, pumpkin fudge, and peanut butter fudge. And I made choc mint cookies, choc oat cookies, and a white choc cluster candy (we call them Raymond's favorite cookies, because my brother likes them so much)

I wasn't sure how the smells would bother me, since I have been having so much trouble this pregnancy. But I was fine and had a great day. I normally bake 6-7 different recipes every year at the cookie bake, but this year I down sized. I'm so glad I did, because I was wiped at the end of the day.

If anyone wants any of the cookie recipes, let me know and I'll post them....I may post a few anyway in a couple days.

SIL with her huge spatula!

All our hard work
Me looking over

Elsie and her Bon-bons

The cookie crew

Friday, December 13, 2013

Date night to see "Catching Fire"

Buck and I had been trying to make it out to see "Catching Fire" and we finally made it. The movie is long, but it doesn't feel like it. The movie stuck pretty close to book, but they had to leave a lot out. All in all they did a very job of tapering it down. Especially since the movie still ended up being almost 3 hrs long. But, everyone one we talked to who had seen the movie said the same thing....."I didn't like the ending." That's the way the book ends and it prepares for the next book (movie). And I think Buck liked it even more than me....mostly because I knew what was coming. He kept asking me..."does that guy die?" "What about her? Does she die?", it was funny. Oh, and we had a greasy bag of popcorn and a's was so yummy. But, we only ate half the bag of popcorn. I though we would polish it off! We're such party

Watch the trailer and if it looks appealing, have a date night.

The pigs

After my last post I had a lot of questions about the "Do the pigs have a pen?" Do you let them free range?" "How often do your pigs get out?"

Well, we DO have the pigs penned. But we have one that is more wild than the others and she keeps digging out! Buck will fix the fence and she'll dig out somewhere else. So, Buck isn't going to fix the fence anymore until he sells her piglets and she becomes sausage. I know, I know....But that's the truth. And if truth be told, the sausage Buck and my dad makes is delicious!

Oh, and the pigs get out on a daily basis now :( Elsie, Mary, and I try to feed the chickens and ducks as fast as we can before the pigs come. Plus, we can't let any chickens or ducks out to free range or the pigs will get in and will rip the fencing trying to get out.

But, all the piglets are old enough to sell now, so before long this little glitch week be fixed :)

Did I mention how much I dislike pigs?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How did I prepare for Thanksgiving?

The day before thanksgiving, I decided to do something special for myself. I thought to myself, what do other people do for themselves. Let's see....get my hair cut, a massage, paint my nails.....yep, paint my nails. After I prepared my food, to take to my parents, I would paint my nails!

I got busy doing things and happened to look out the window......there was a pig and 5 piglets inside one of the chicken pens! Of course, all the chickens were going crazy and the pigs were just enjoying themselves by eating all the chicken feed. I slipped by boots on, pulled on my hat and gloves (it was 28 degrees outside) and took off out the door. I wasn't sure how this was going to go as I knew the pigs were going to go crazy when I came close, maybe even trampling the chickens. But, as I approached the pen, all the pigs just pushed their way out of the pen. I was relieved that no one was hurt, but pretty angry at those pigs for putting a huge hole in the fencing. So, I got my staple gun and hammer to fix it. Of course, the fence wasn't quite as long as it should be, since the pigs just ripped it open, but I pulled and stretch until it reached the wood on the bottom, so I could start stapling. I was pulling and pulling when my fingers slipped off the fencing and hit the wood. Ouch, my fingers throbbed, but I was pretty sure it was from the cold. I finished the job and made all sorts of threats to the pigs..."We could have ham for Thanksgiving I stead of turkey" etc. Can you tell these are Buck's pigs. As I was walking to the house, I took off my glove on the hand I had hurt...... there were to blood stained fingers with no finger nails :( I decided not to paint my nails after all.....I just laughed.

 Walking back to the house I thought about all those other people prepping their houses and themselves for the holiday. If I had a plain Jane life with perfect nails.....I'd miss out on all the things I love about my life. Nope still no painted nails (haven't painted my finger nails in, but I still had a grand Thanksgiving....besides, the smell of the nail polish probably would have pushed my nausea over the

What do you do special to get ready for the holidays?

Friday, December 6, 2013


We love these muffins. And it's a great way to use up extra pumpkin during the holiday season.


  • Glaze
  • -powder sugar
  • -Orange zest
  • -milk

-set oven at 425
-combine wet ingredients, mix in the dry ingredients. 
- scoop into muffin pan.
-bake for 10-15mins (sometimes it takes a bit longer, but don't over cook)
-pop them out of the muffin pan and drizzle with glaze.

I just dump some powder sugar in a small bowl, add the zest , and add the milk a small amount at a time until it is a thick paste....perfect for hot muffins.
MAKES ABOUT 12-18 MUFFINS (ours are on the large side)

*sometimes i use fresh pumpkin that I cook down first
*sometimes I bake these at 350 degrees if I'm baking something else at the same time (they just take longer)
*I use Orange extract instead of zest, when I don't have an orange on hand.

Big News!

Sorry I have been MIA. With the birthday party and Thanksgiving, time just got away from me.

Plus, we are expecting our 8th child in early July 2014! I'm about 10 wks. Yep, we have been blessed with another baby. And with this one I have been so nauseous that simple things have been extremely difficult. But, normally my sickies don't last long, so they'll be gone soon. And at least I know my pregnancy hormones are still going strong ;)

I never got to share about my diet that I started. Of course I was only on it for a couple weeks before I found out I was expecting. So, I can't really give any good solid feedback on it. But, I'll give you my opinion anyway...... The diet (or "life style change") is called "Trim, Healthy, Mama". It's a book and will worth the $35 it cost.  A summary is....don't eat carbs with fat, when you have carbs, keep it low, and no sugar, only stevia. Now, the book is a wealth of knowledge and makes sense, but seems like a lot to digest at first. The first couple weeks I tried some low carb tortilla shells and I was terribly constipated, to the point that I was in severe pain. The shells were low in carbs, but extremely high in in 1 tortilla there was more fiber than a person should have in one day. It also could have something to do with my unknown pregnancy at the All that being said, my mother started the same time as me and has lost over 7 pounds. She only has a small amount of weight to loose, so I thought that was great! Yay, Mom!!! She has had a small issue with being constipated, but not like me.

I'm not sticking to the diet anymore, but I have lost 4 pounds due to the I am still keeping up my exercising, though :)