Friday, December 6, 2013

Big News!

Sorry I have been MIA. With the birthday party and Thanksgiving, time just got away from me.

Plus, we are expecting our 8th child in early July 2014! I'm about 10 wks. Yep, we have been blessed with another baby. And with this one I have been so nauseous that simple things have been extremely difficult. But, normally my sickies don't last long, so they'll be gone soon. And at least I know my pregnancy hormones are still going strong ;)

I never got to share about my diet that I started. Of course I was only on it for a couple weeks before I found out I was expecting. So, I can't really give any good solid feedback on it. But, I'll give you my opinion anyway...... The diet (or "life style change") is called "Trim, Healthy, Mama". It's a book and will worth the $35 it cost.  A summary is....don't eat carbs with fat, when you have carbs, keep it low, and no sugar, only stevia. Now, the book is a wealth of knowledge and makes sense, but seems like a lot to digest at first. The first couple weeks I tried some low carb tortilla shells and I was terribly constipated, to the point that I was in severe pain. The shells were low in carbs, but extremely high in in 1 tortilla there was more fiber than a person should have in one day. It also could have something to do with my unknown pregnancy at the All that being said, my mother started the same time as me and has lost over 7 pounds. She only has a small amount of weight to loose, so I thought that was great! Yay, Mom!!! She has had a small issue with being constipated, but not like me.

I'm not sticking to the diet anymore, but I have lost 4 pounds due to the I am still keeping up my exercising, though :)

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