Friday, December 13, 2013

Date night to see "Catching Fire"

Buck and I had been trying to make it out to see "Catching Fire" and we finally made it. The movie is long, but it doesn't feel like it. The movie stuck pretty close to book, but they had to leave a lot out. All in all they did a very job of tapering it down. Especially since the movie still ended up being almost 3 hrs long. But, everyone one we talked to who had seen the movie said the same thing....."I didn't like the ending." That's the way the book ends and it prepares for the next book (movie). And I think Buck liked it even more than me....mostly because I knew what was coming. He kept asking me..."does that guy die?" "What about her? Does she die?", it was funny. Oh, and we had a greasy bag of popcorn and a's was so yummy. But, we only ate half the bag of popcorn. I though we would polish it off! We're such party

Watch the trailer and if it looks appealing, have a date night.

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