Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How did I prepare for Thanksgiving?

The day before thanksgiving, I decided to do something special for myself. I thought to myself, what do other people do for themselves. Let's see....get my hair cut, a massage, paint my nails.....yep, paint my nails. After I prepared my food, to take to my parents, I would paint my nails!

I got busy doing things and happened to look out the window......there was a pig and 5 piglets inside one of the chicken pens! Of course, all the chickens were going crazy and the pigs were just enjoying themselves by eating all the chicken feed. I slipped by boots on, pulled on my hat and gloves (it was 28 degrees outside) and took off out the door. I wasn't sure how this was going to go as I knew the pigs were going to go crazy when I came close, maybe even trampling the chickens. But, as I approached the pen, all the pigs just pushed their way out of the pen. I was relieved that no one was hurt, but pretty angry at those pigs for putting a huge hole in the fencing. So, I got my staple gun and hammer to fix it. Of course, the fence wasn't quite as long as it should be, since the pigs just ripped it open, but I pulled and stretch until it reached the wood on the bottom, so I could start stapling. I was pulling and pulling when my fingers slipped off the fencing and hit the wood. Ouch, my fingers throbbed, but I was pretty sure it was from the cold. I finished the job and made all sorts of threats to the pigs..."We could have ham for Thanksgiving I stead of turkey" etc. Can you tell these are Buck's pigs. As I was walking to the house, I took off my glove on the hand I had hurt...... there were to blood stained fingers with no finger nails :( I decided not to paint my nails after all.....I just laughed.

 Walking back to the house I thought about all those other people prepping their houses and themselves for the holiday. If I had a plain Jane life with perfect nails.....I'd miss out on all the things I love about my life. Nope still no painted nails (haven't painted my finger nails in, but I still had a grand Thanksgiving....besides, the smell of the nail polish probably would have pushed my nausea over the

What do you do special to get ready for the holidays?

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