Friday, December 13, 2013

The pigs

After my last post I had a lot of questions about the "Do the pigs have a pen?" Do you let them free range?" "How often do your pigs get out?"

Well, we DO have the pigs penned. But we have one that is more wild than the others and she keeps digging out! Buck will fix the fence and she'll dig out somewhere else. So, Buck isn't going to fix the fence anymore until he sells her piglets and she becomes sausage. I know, I know....But that's the truth. And if truth be told, the sausage Buck and my dad makes is delicious!

Oh, and the pigs get out on a daily basis now :( Elsie, Mary, and I try to feed the chickens and ducks as fast as we can before the pigs come. Plus, we can't let any chickens or ducks out to free range or the pigs will get in and will rip the fencing trying to get out.

But, all the piglets are old enough to sell now, so before long this little glitch week be fixed :)

Did I mention how much I dislike pigs?

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