Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Georgia Snow Storm Candy

I thought this recipe was appropriate and soooo yummy. This recipe comes out of one of the "Little House" books.

Snow Candy                        

-1 cup molasses
-1 cup sugar

~Mix all those a pot and bring to boil until it reaches "hard ball" stage.

~Scoop some fresh snow into a shallow pan.

~Remove syrup from heat and carefully drizzle, with a spoon, over snow (come on mom, make some cool shapes)

~When it hardens place on wax paper until completely cool.

We love this recipe with some good black strap molasses.

Snow Storm in Georgia

The weather report told us that NW Georgia was not going to be getting snow....maybe just a flurry. But, the weather system moved farther north and now here we are with a few inches. I have to just laugh when I watch the news, they show clips of people buying up all the o
Buck took this picture of a huge line of cars outside a neighborhood.
They all had to walk from there, because they have a huge slope at the
front of the neighborhood.
bread and milk. Down here, in the south, we don't get a lot of snow and if we do get snow, everything shuts down. Of course, this small amount of snow is nothing compared to the our northern states. I'm sure there are plenty of northerners laughing at us right now :) Buck did get home from work (but it took twice as long), he made it half way up our long driveway and had to leave his vehicle and walk the remainder of the way.  My father in law left work at a little after noon (works close to Atlanta) and right now at 7pm he is still driving! Poor guy has been driving for over 6.5 hrs and still isn't home. My brother in law went off the road close to his house and walked the rest of the way. I am so very thankful that my job keeps me at The children had a dentist apt tomorrow, but they called and said the office will be closed for at least tomorrow.  So, I think tomorrow the kids will have a snow day!

We did enjoy the snow today after schoolwork. I put Little Young down for a nap and we all bundled up and grabbed the sleds. The children got the sleds for Christmas 2011 and this was the first time we have had a chance to use them (that just tells you how often we get this much snow). It was a lot of fun and we are all thankful for the snow to play after tomorrow it can melt.....please :)

Please say an extra prayer for the people that haven't or couldn't make it home tonight and the children that are spending the night at school with their teachers.

Elsie and Snail

Gus-gus and Mary....Chuck and Posie




After all the snow stopped falling

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The verdict is in......

There is one healthy baby and its a........BOY! I was soooo surprised. I thought with the nausea I was either carrying twins or a girl......wrong on both counts. Just goes to show you that symptoms dont always play Baby boy was very cooperative at the beginning of the ultrasound and showed us right away his gender. But he became very active and the midwife had a hard time getting the head measurement. So, of course when it was time to get a picture of the baby's gender, he was too active to get a good shot. Even though this is my 8th child, i am always in awe when i see the little person wiggling around on the screen. What a miracle.....

profile pic....sweet face :)

profile pic, with leg over head

gender shot

Monday, January 20, 2014

One or more babies? Girl or Boy?

Tomorrow I have my first prenatal appointment and I hope to be able to answer both those questions :) I'm 16 wks, so I'm pretty sure the gender will be evident. I'm just not looking forward to the blood work....blah.

Couple questions I have gotten lately.....

Do you want a girl or a boy?
We don't have a preference. We are only concerned about healthy. A healthy baby, that's what I want. Now, I have to say, if I had all of one gender, then I'm sure I would have a want for the opposite. Some people prefer one gender over the other, but we just love both and enjoy both.  God know what we are meant to have and would hate to be praying or wanting the opposite of His will.

Do you think your having a Girl or Boy?

Sometimes I have a guess, but this time I have no idea. Normally the girls I have morning sickness/nausea and the boys I have none. And the girls I enjoy sweets, but not at all during my boy pregnancies. This time.....I had the worst nausea ever and I can barely stomach sweets or the smell. one is a toss up.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's that in your hair Posie?

We had just finished breakfast and Elsie and I were preparing to feed the chickens, when Posie walked by and her hair looked a little matted in the back. She has wavey hair, so thought it was just a large tangle. After inspecting, there seemed to be a piece of food in there. It couldn't be gum,
gum blob
could it? We rarely have gum at our house. Then, I remembered.....Uncle Mike was deemed "the candy man" back when we only had 2 children (they had none at the time) and he had given each of the children gum Sunday at church. (All of the children look forward to this treat) So, after a while and a lot of inspecting, it was indeed gum. The only other time I have had to deal with gum in hair, was when Elsie was young and she had long, long hair. I used peanut butter and got it out. But this time it has been in her hair for almost 2 days and had worked it's way almost to her scalp. I was just about to take the scissors to her, but my mother said baby oil works even better than peanut butter. So, I gave it a try. After a lot of working the hair out of the gum and combing it out(a couple strands at a time) I got it out with mjnimal hair loss....yay! Posie is very thankful that she doesn't have a bald spot....and do an I. If you are ever in the same boat.....put the scissors down and give the baby oil a try :)

Happy Posie

Monday, January 13, 2014

No water ....ahhhh!

We have been busy like everyone else. Last week we were out of water for 2 days thanks to the winter blast Georgia received. It wasn't too bad, but we were soooooo happy to get it water back. I really thought that after a few hours Buck would have the pipes all thawed and life would be back to normal, but after supper when we were boiling our rain barrel water to wash dishes (buck had to break the ice with an ax to get the water), I realized that it may take a while to fix the problem. Buck had spent all day with a hair dryer on our well pump and a heat lamp AND bought heat tape. Poor guy he was at wits end. On day 2 his brother came out and they realized that a part on the well pump had went out, due to it trying repeatedly to pump water and it not being able to go through. After he got the part and put it on.....WE HAD WATER AGAIN. We are happily using our dishwasher again and all is I just have to retrain the children that they CAN start flushing the toilet again!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas....Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has enjoyed and continues to enjoy their holidays.

We have been enjoying our short break from schoolwork and Buck's few days off work. We also have our troublesome pig in the freezer....yay! And I have been doing extra housework and reorganzing our family closet since my nausea has lessened. Thanks so much for everyone's prayers.

On New Year's morning we all went around the breakfast table and shared what we were thankful for in 2013 and what we are praying for in 2014. There was some touching and interesting statements. Apparently, Chuck is praying that i am pregnant with 4 babies.....ahhh!

Kids on Christmas morning