Monday, January 13, 2014

No water ....ahhhh!

We have been busy like everyone else. Last week we were out of water for 2 days thanks to the winter blast Georgia received. It wasn't too bad, but we were soooooo happy to get it water back. I really thought that after a few hours Buck would have the pipes all thawed and life would be back to normal, but after supper when we were boiling our rain barrel water to wash dishes (buck had to break the ice with an ax to get the water), I realized that it may take a while to fix the problem. Buck had spent all day with a hair dryer on our well pump and a heat lamp AND bought heat tape. Poor guy he was at wits end. On day 2 his brother came out and they realized that a part on the well pump had went out, due to it trying repeatedly to pump water and it not being able to go through. After he got the part and put it on.....WE HAD WATER AGAIN. We are happily using our dishwasher again and all is I just have to retrain the children that they CAN start flushing the toilet again!

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