Monday, January 20, 2014

One or more babies? Girl or Boy?

Tomorrow I have my first prenatal appointment and I hope to be able to answer both those questions :) I'm 16 wks, so I'm pretty sure the gender will be evident. I'm just not looking forward to the blood work....blah.

Couple questions I have gotten lately.....

Do you want a girl or a boy?
We don't have a preference. We are only concerned about healthy. A healthy baby, that's what I want. Now, I have to say, if I had all of one gender, then I'm sure I would have a want for the opposite. Some people prefer one gender over the other, but we just love both and enjoy both.  God know what we are meant to have and would hate to be praying or wanting the opposite of His will.

Do you think your having a Girl or Boy?

Sometimes I have a guess, but this time I have no idea. Normally the girls I have morning sickness/nausea and the boys I have none. And the girls I enjoy sweets, but not at all during my boy pregnancies. This time.....I had the worst nausea ever and I can barely stomach sweets or the smell. one is a toss up.


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