Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's that in your hair Posie?

We had just finished breakfast and Elsie and I were preparing to feed the chickens, when Posie walked by and her hair looked a little matted in the back. She has wavey hair, so thought it was just a large tangle. After inspecting, there seemed to be a piece of food in there. It couldn't be gum,
gum blob
could it? We rarely have gum at our house. Then, I remembered.....Uncle Mike was deemed "the candy man" back when we only had 2 children (they had none at the time) and he had given each of the children gum Sunday at church. (All of the children look forward to this treat) So, after a while and a lot of inspecting, it was indeed gum. The only other time I have had to deal with gum in hair, was when Elsie was young and she had long, long hair. I used peanut butter and got it out. But this time it has been in her hair for almost 2 days and had worked it's way almost to her scalp. I was just about to take the scissors to her, but my mother said baby oil works even better than peanut butter. So, I gave it a try. After a lot of working the hair out of the gum and combing it out(a couple strands at a time) I got it out with mjnimal hair loss....yay! Posie is very thankful that she doesn't have a bald spot....and do an I. If you are ever in the same boat.....put the scissors down and give the baby oil a try :)

Happy Posie

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