Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Elsie's DIY Floor Cleaner

Elsie is so thrifty and creative!!! We already have our own "all purpose" cleaner that is safe for the children to use, but I never thought of a floor cleaner. We ran out of our normal PineSol  and Elsie was looking for an alternative to just plain dish soap. She tweaked our normal cleaner and the results were fantastic, plus you don't have to rinse the floor. The recipe calls for Rosemary oil, but Tea Tree oil would be great (we were out of tea tree) or a citrus oil....any essential oil would work.

Elsie's Beach Blown Hair

While on Pinterest Elsie found a recipe for "saltwater hairspray" and was dying to give it a try. The spray is suppose to give the "just came from the beach" look. It was fun to make and cute.....well I thought so. Buck thought it looked did he put it? "Like you don't have the opportunity to take a bath"....he's so Anyway, here is Elsie's recipe and some pics....


- 1 TSP SALT (we used sea salt)


Mixing our ingedients

Elsie before

Elsie after

Mary was Elsie's guinea pig too :)

Enjoying the warm weather with farm work and ice cream

After all the snow and the super cold temps, God blessed us with a wonderfully warm weekend. It was only 65-73, but it felt soooo nice. Saturday, I weeded one of our raised garden beds, to get ready to plant lettuce. And then I covered the beds with rabbit manure. Rabbit manure does not have to age before putting on the garden (this is true with all pelleted manure, including goats), our cow's

Raised bed
manure has to age or it will burn the garden. I had hopes of planting the lettuce seeds, but got sidetracked and started trimming our fig trees. Fig trees spread underground and send up new branches, so they can get out of control in a hurry. But, the trimmings root well or have roots attached, so we plan to replant a few more in different places and give some away. And Buck cut a few trees down for firewood for next year, and split wood for the cold weather we're having again now :(  There is so much to do around here to get ready for spring, but at least this was a start.
Posie and a Silkie chicken enjoying the weather
Buck snapped a pic of me doing yard work....ignore the church jewelry I still have

The Salmon Faverolles scratched around in what's left of my mint and chives

Little Young
We didn't spend the entire weekend with all work and no play :) Sunday after church, we ate our sandwiches we had packed and went out for ice cream. It felt really warm outside until we started eating ice  There were two young boys working the ice cream shop and they looked pretty overwhelmed with all the children that were placing their orders (we were all together), but it went surprisingly smooth considering all the choices. The kids are use to the choices being chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla, so this was a special treat. We had a gift card, thank goodness. Without the gift card it would have been almost $30 and that was with Buck and I splitting a banana split. But it's more expensive because your paying for quality. They make their ice cream with real ingredients, whereas a lot of places do not. It was a great special treat. On a cheaper note, Buck makes the best ice cream....we're just waiting for Abigail to have her calf......then all the milk we want....mmmmm!
Buck was afraid to share with the pregnant woman, no worries I only ate the

Posie and Snail

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another look at the new baby

Profile pic: Look at that beautiful face, and he has his hand right up there by his nose (he was sucking on his hand...awww)

Gender shot: He had his hand down there also, so you get a pic of the hand and his "boy" shot.
I had my "Big" ultrasound today and the baby looks nice and healthy......and all boy :) It's always so neat to see the baby on the ultrasound screen moving around and sucking on his hand. It seems normal that a baby would just be motionless while growing and start moving about when they're born. But, that just isn't so, if you have even been pregnant then you know babies take full advantage of their movement while in Little Young moved the most out of all of our children. Most of the time it looked like he was literally trying to push his way out of my belly. All of the children enjoyed his overactiveness, because that meant they could always feel him moving about. When Little Young was born he hated swaddling and my sling, were all the other children loved it. I guess he was unhappy at the end of the pregnancy, because he was confined. So far this little one moves quite a bit, but hopefully not as much as Little Young....funny how every child is different:)

While running about today after my doctors appt today, I found something I have really been wanting for the past couple pregnancies...... I new bassinet. When I say "new" I mean "new to me" :) Our other bassinet was recalled, so we have been doing without. I love to look around at the antique stores, but never find a cute bassinet in my price range (Buck checks the price tags, so I don't get But today while shopping with my mother we found a beautiful wicker one at "Evelyn and Ashley" consignment store in Cartersville, Ga (cute store if you ever go into Cartersville, mostly children's things). The bassinet is in great shape and just needs a few screws tightened......and bedding. So if
Our lovely new bassinet...yay!
anyone has any bedding ideas send them my way. Most of the covers/bedding I've been looking at online today, covers all of the bassinet. And since this one is in such great shape, I'd like to keep some of it exposed....we'll see what I come up with.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Results from the poultry show

Sorry I didn't post sooner, but we have all been soooo tired.

Elsie's Polish won! She had 2 other chickens she competed against and they were very pretty. I'm so proud of her and her Polish "Dotty".
Elsie's Magpie Call Duck had no competition in its color, so it won in that variety.

Chuck's Blue Fawn Call Ducks also had no competition in that color, so they won in that variety. His drake got 1st and his hen got 2nd. Yay!

My Salmon Faverolles also had no competition.

We had a wonderful time even though it was cold again this year. And we didn't buy any poultry....nothing we couldn't live without. There would have been a lot more competition, but with the weather a third of the cages were empty because of no shows ( poultry that were registered, but didn't show up). It was totally understandable considering people come from all over the country to show. But, there was a gentleman there from Canada....I guess he is use to the icy roads we have been

Anyway, we're all looking forward to next year and praying for better weather :)

I'll add more pics when i get them off my camera, this one is from my phone....

Elsie's Magpie Call Duck with #1 and BV (best in variety) marked on it's show card

Friday, February 14, 2014

All the birds are "Cooped In"

We had a very long drive with lots of traffic, but we finally made it to the Poultry Show. First, we checked the chickens and ducks in (paid our fees). Then, they all needed blood tests to make sure they are avian flu free, we got them all in their cages......and......headed to our chicken dinner...mmmm. Now were relaxing in our hotel room until the morning.

I' ll post the show results tomorrow!
My Faverolles

Chuck's Blue Fawn Call Ducks

Elsie's Polish

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Preparing for the Poultry Show

With all this bad weather, I am very happy to say that we did get out chickens washed before the power went out and we will still be going to the show. I thought I would give a quick run down of how we bath our chickens before the shows....
Elsie and snowy

William's Female call duck

Elsie's winner 2013

We have 5 steps in bathing the chickens/ducks....

1) First tub of water is regular Dawn dish soap
2) Next tub is an apple cider vinegar rinse.....helps to make them shine
3) Final Rinse
4) Blow can skip this if it is nice and warm outside
5) Apply petroleum to the birds feet and comb
Couple pointers...
- wash your hard feather chickens/ducks a couple days before the show, so they can start getting some of their naturals oils back in their feathers
- when blow drying, make sure it isn't too hot
- always wash and blow dry in the natural direction of your birds feathers
- don't drown your

This year we are bringing 3 call ducks and 3 standard size chickens. Last year, Elsie and I both won in our class and we are all excited to see what this year holds. The poultry show provides a chicken dinner for all those that show birds (I know it's funny, but they do chicken every year :) and we will be spending one night at a hotel....both of those things are far more exciting to some of the children that the actual show. Hopefully we don't come home with any extra chickens or Buck may try to eat (they have a ton of birds for sale there).

Pardon any misspelling or things that just don't make sense :P I'm being quick, so I can get to packing :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We all scream for SNOW CREAM!!!

If you have never made or ate snow cream, you really must try it. It isn't time consuming or hard....and you only need a few ingredients, so you don't need to
travel out in the mess to get everything.  Snow Cream really reminds me of the ice cream at the restaurant "Chick-fil-a". It is snowing again, so I figured it's now or never.....hopefully we don't have another opportunity to make it again this season :)

The kids are already thinking of different things to add to the snow for snack....I may post some pics later.



- 2c milk
- 2/3c sugar (we are low on sugar, so this time I used 1/2c powder sugar)
- 2-4 tsp vanilla
- couple pinches salt
- clean fresh snow (or shaved ice)

~Combine everything except the snow in a big bowl and throw it in the freezer

~Run outside and get your snow :)

~Mix your clean fresh snow in with your prepared ingredients. There is no exact amount here, just keep adding and mixing until you get a good consistency. I collected a big bowl and only needed half, so I stuck it back outside for later.

~ Eat right away, as it melts quick.



**Colleting Snow**

Make sure you are collecting snow from a clean place. We live on a farm, so we have to be extra careful. I only took the first 2 inches of snow off a clean table on our back deck, that way if there was dirt or other yuck it isn't in our snow ;)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gumball Machine Proposal

When Buck and I were dating, I worked at a grocery store. Buck would come pick me up, after I got off, to go out. He would frequently stop by the candy machines on his way in and load his pockets with little metal rings. They came in all colors and had different designs on them. He would pretend to propose in funny an unusual ways and we both got a huge kick out of it. This continued until he really proposed and we got married. I'm pretty sure he was about the only person buying those I kept all the rings in their little plastic bubbles and they're tucked away with all our keepsakes from dating. I rarely see those machines....

Then, a little over a month ago, we were doing some last minute Christmas shopping and the three little girls spotted the machine. They all asked if they could each have a could I say no?!? And they were still only a quarter each. All the girls are still enjoying their rings and every time I see them, I take a little trip down memory lane :)
Wonderful machine eating our money :)

The ladies checking out their jewels

Snail, Posie, Mary

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Update from snow

I have been meaning to update from the snow, but we have been busy...who hasn't.

My father in law didn't make it home Tuesday (the day it snowed). He spent the night in a Mexican restaurant that was kind enough to open it's doors for the stranded. Wednesday morning he talked to a law enforcement officer who said the road he was stuck on would not be open until THURSDAY MORNING! Thank God for my brother in law and his four wheel drive truck, he went and rescued him. Then took him back to retrieve his vehicle the next morning. What a nightmare! A lot of people were pushed to their limits during this storm. Like the saying goes "When you get squeezed, what comes out?" When your are in a difficult situation, do you have road rage and push people off the road? Or do you think of people that have it worse than you and offer a helping hand. There were thoughtful people out there who bought hundreds of dollars of food and drinks from the  gas stations and was walking along the interstate passing out food to people who were stuck. We should all look for an opportunity to help those around us that are in need....even when there isn't a snow storm.

We all enjoyed playing in the snow. Buck had Wednesday off and everyone pushed the limits on those I sled with Snail for about a half hour before I was too tired and winded to go on. A few hours later Posie asked if we could sled together, I figured I could handle a couple more times. No one mentioned that the sun going down had caused the sledding hill to have a layer of ice on it.....nor did I pay attention to the odd sound of crunching under my feet as we walked to the top. I got on the sled, with Posie in my lap. As soon as we started down the hill I could tell we were going way faster than earlier. Our sled trail starts on our driveway, goes through our front yard, through a trail in the woods (big enough to fit a vehicle), over my inlaws driveway, and through their front yard. When we started coming to the trail through the woods I was getting a little nervous (think stumps and huge stones). We were going so fast that any effort I made to steer almost tipped us over, so I couldn't steer going through the trail!!! The trail isn't long, but on one side there are huge stones for my mother in laws flower bed and I REALLY didn't want to hit those. As, we came out of the trail our sled bounced off the stones and we kept going until we finally came to a stop, right in front of the woodline. As we brushed the snow out faces, I realized that maybe I better stop sledding until I don't have a "bun in the oven":) The ride down the hill was only about 100 yards, but when your going mock 10, it's over in a couple seconds.

I am thrilled to be able to feed the chickens without slipping and sliding. The kids did get their schoolwork done a whole lot faster, when there was snow to play in afterwards ;)
My brothers pulling a truck hood as a sled, with a a neighborhood.