Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another look at the new baby

Profile pic: Look at that beautiful face, and he has his hand right up there by his nose (he was sucking on his hand...awww)

Gender shot: He had his hand down there also, so you get a pic of the hand and his "boy" shot.
I had my "Big" ultrasound today and the baby looks nice and healthy......and all boy :) It's always so neat to see the baby on the ultrasound screen moving around and sucking on his hand. It seems normal that a baby would just be motionless while growing and start moving about when they're born. But, that just isn't so, if you have even been pregnant then you know babies take full advantage of their movement while in Little Young moved the most out of all of our children. Most of the time it looked like he was literally trying to push his way out of my belly. All of the children enjoyed his overactiveness, because that meant they could always feel him moving about. When Little Young was born he hated swaddling and my sling, were all the other children loved it. I guess he was unhappy at the end of the pregnancy, because he was confined. So far this little one moves quite a bit, but hopefully not as much as Little Young....funny how every child is different:)

While running about today after my doctors appt today, I found something I have really been wanting for the past couple pregnancies...... I new bassinet. When I say "new" I mean "new to me" :) Our other bassinet was recalled, so we have been doing without. I love to look around at the antique stores, but never find a cute bassinet in my price range (Buck checks the price tags, so I don't get But today while shopping with my mother we found a beautiful wicker one at "Evelyn and Ashley" consignment store in Cartersville, Ga (cute store if you ever go into Cartersville, mostly children's things). The bassinet is in great shape and just needs a few screws tightened......and bedding. So if
Our lovely new bassinet...yay!
anyone has any bedding ideas send them my way. Most of the covers/bedding I've been looking at online today, covers all of the bassinet. And since this one is in such great shape, I'd like to keep some of it exposed....we'll see what I come up with.

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