Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Enjoying the warm weather with farm work and ice cream

After all the snow and the super cold temps, God blessed us with a wonderfully warm weekend. It was only 65-73, but it felt soooo nice. Saturday, I weeded one of our raised garden beds, to get ready to plant lettuce. And then I covered the beds with rabbit manure. Rabbit manure does not have to age before putting on the garden (this is true with all pelleted manure, including goats), our cow's

Raised bed
manure has to age or it will burn the garden. I had hopes of planting the lettuce seeds, but got sidetracked and started trimming our fig trees. Fig trees spread underground and send up new branches, so they can get out of control in a hurry. But, the trimmings root well or have roots attached, so we plan to replant a few more in different places and give some away. And Buck cut a few trees down for firewood for next year, and split wood for the cold weather we're having again now :(  There is so much to do around here to get ready for spring, but at least this was a start.
Posie and a Silkie chicken enjoying the weather
Buck snapped a pic of me doing yard work....ignore the church jewelry I still have

The Salmon Faverolles scratched around in what's left of my mint and chives

Little Young
We didn't spend the entire weekend with all work and no play :) Sunday after church, we ate our sandwiches we had packed and went out for ice cream. It felt really warm outside until we started eating ice  There were two young boys working the ice cream shop and they looked pretty overwhelmed with all the children that were placing their orders (we were all together), but it went surprisingly smooth considering all the choices. The kids are use to the choices being chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla, so this was a special treat. We had a gift card, thank goodness. Without the gift card it would have been almost $30 and that was with Buck and I splitting a banana split. But it's more expensive because your paying for quality. They make their ice cream with real ingredients, whereas a lot of places do not. It was a great special treat. On a cheaper note, Buck makes the best ice cream....we're just waiting for Abigail to have her calf......then all the milk we want....mmmmm!
Buck was afraid to share with the pregnant woman, no worries I only ate the

Posie and Snail