Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gumball Machine Proposal

When Buck and I were dating, I worked at a grocery store. Buck would come pick me up, after I got off, to go out. He would frequently stop by the candy machines on his way in and load his pockets with little metal rings. They came in all colors and had different designs on them. He would pretend to propose in funny an unusual ways and we both got a huge kick out of it. This continued until he really proposed and we got married. I'm pretty sure he was about the only person buying those I kept all the rings in their little plastic bubbles and they're tucked away with all our keepsakes from dating. I rarely see those machines....

Then, a little over a month ago, we were doing some last minute Christmas shopping and the three little girls spotted the machine. They all asked if they could each have a could I say no?!? And they were still only a quarter each. All the girls are still enjoying their rings and every time I see them, I take a little trip down memory lane :)
Wonderful machine eating our money :)

The ladies checking out their jewels

Snail, Posie, Mary

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