Thursday, February 13, 2014

Preparing for the Poultry Show

With all this bad weather, I am very happy to say that we did get out chickens washed before the power went out and we will still be going to the show. I thought I would give a quick run down of how we bath our chickens before the shows....
Elsie and snowy

William's Female call duck

Elsie's winner 2013

We have 5 steps in bathing the chickens/ducks....

1) First tub of water is regular Dawn dish soap
2) Next tub is an apple cider vinegar rinse.....helps to make them shine
3) Final Rinse
4) Blow can skip this if it is nice and warm outside
5) Apply petroleum to the birds feet and comb
Couple pointers...
- wash your hard feather chickens/ducks a couple days before the show, so they can start getting some of their naturals oils back in their feathers
- when blow drying, make sure it isn't too hot
- always wash and blow dry in the natural direction of your birds feathers
- don't drown your

This year we are bringing 3 call ducks and 3 standard size chickens. Last year, Elsie and I both won in our class and we are all excited to see what this year holds. The poultry show provides a chicken dinner for all those that show birds (I know it's funny, but they do chicken every year :) and we will be spending one night at a hotel....both of those things are far more exciting to some of the children that the actual show. Hopefully we don't come home with any extra chickens or Buck may try to eat (they have a ton of birds for sale there).

Pardon any misspelling or things that just don't make sense :P I'm being quick, so I can get to packing :)

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