Sunday, February 16, 2014

Results from the poultry show

Sorry I didn't post sooner, but we have all been soooo tired.

Elsie's Polish won! She had 2 other chickens she competed against and they were very pretty. I'm so proud of her and her Polish "Dotty".
Elsie's Magpie Call Duck had no competition in its color, so it won in that variety.

Chuck's Blue Fawn Call Ducks also had no competition in that color, so they won in that variety. His drake got 1st and his hen got 2nd. Yay!

My Salmon Faverolles also had no competition.

We had a wonderful time even though it was cold again this year. And we didn't buy any poultry....nothing we couldn't live without. There would have been a lot more competition, but with the weather a third of the cages were empty because of no shows ( poultry that were registered, but didn't show up). It was totally understandable considering people come from all over the country to show. But, there was a gentleman there from Canada....I guess he is use to the icy roads we have been

Anyway, we're all looking forward to next year and praying for better weather :)

I'll add more pics when i get them off my camera, this one is from my phone....

Elsie's Magpie Call Duck with #1 and BV (best in variety) marked on it's show card

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