Sunday, February 2, 2014

Update from snow

I have been meaning to update from the snow, but we have been busy...who hasn't.

My father in law didn't make it home Tuesday (the day it snowed). He spent the night in a Mexican restaurant that was kind enough to open it's doors for the stranded. Wednesday morning he talked to a law enforcement officer who said the road he was stuck on would not be open until THURSDAY MORNING! Thank God for my brother in law and his four wheel drive truck, he went and rescued him. Then took him back to retrieve his vehicle the next morning. What a nightmare! A lot of people were pushed to their limits during this storm. Like the saying goes "When you get squeezed, what comes out?" When your are in a difficult situation, do you have road rage and push people off the road? Or do you think of people that have it worse than you and offer a helping hand. There were thoughtful people out there who bought hundreds of dollars of food and drinks from the  gas stations and was walking along the interstate passing out food to people who were stuck. We should all look for an opportunity to help those around us that are in need....even when there isn't a snow storm.

We all enjoyed playing in the snow. Buck had Wednesday off and everyone pushed the limits on those I sled with Snail for about a half hour before I was too tired and winded to go on. A few hours later Posie asked if we could sled together, I figured I could handle a couple more times. No one mentioned that the sun going down had caused the sledding hill to have a layer of ice on it.....nor did I pay attention to the odd sound of crunching under my feet as we walked to the top. I got on the sled, with Posie in my lap. As soon as we started down the hill I could tell we were going way faster than earlier. Our sled trail starts on our driveway, goes through our front yard, through a trail in the woods (big enough to fit a vehicle), over my inlaws driveway, and through their front yard. When we started coming to the trail through the woods I was getting a little nervous (think stumps and huge stones). We were going so fast that any effort I made to steer almost tipped us over, so I couldn't steer going through the trail!!! The trail isn't long, but on one side there are huge stones for my mother in laws flower bed and I REALLY didn't want to hit those. As, we came out of the trail our sled bounced off the stones and we kept going until we finally came to a stop, right in front of the woodline. As we brushed the snow out faces, I realized that maybe I better stop sledding until I don't have a "bun in the oven":) The ride down the hill was only about 100 yards, but when your going mock 10, it's over in a couple seconds.

I am thrilled to be able to feed the chickens without slipping and sliding. The kids did get their schoolwork done a whole lot faster, when there was snow to play in afterwards ;)
My brothers pulling a truck hood as a sled, with a a neighborhood.

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