Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We all scream for SNOW CREAM!!!

If you have never made or ate snow cream, you really must try it. It isn't time consuming or hard....and you only need a few ingredients, so you don't need to
travel out in the mess to get everything.  Snow Cream really reminds me of the ice cream at the restaurant "Chick-fil-a". It is snowing again, so I figured it's now or never.....hopefully we don't have another opportunity to make it again this season :)

The kids are already thinking of different things to add to the snow for snack....I may post some pics later.



- 2c milk
- 2/3c sugar (we are low on sugar, so this time I used 1/2c powder sugar)
- 2-4 tsp vanilla
- couple pinches salt
- clean fresh snow (or shaved ice)

~Combine everything except the snow in a big bowl and throw it in the freezer

~Run outside and get your snow :)

~Mix your clean fresh snow in with your prepared ingredients. There is no exact amount here, just keep adding and mixing until you get a good consistency. I collected a big bowl and only needed half, so I stuck it back outside for later.

~ Eat right away, as it melts quick.



**Colleting Snow**

Make sure you are collecting snow from a clean place. We live on a farm, so we have to be extra careful. I only took the first 2 inches of snow off a clean table on our back deck, that way if there was dirt or other yuck it isn't in our snow ;)

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