Thursday, March 13, 2014

Planting Our Lettuce

Snail helped me plant the lettuce this past weekend and now we are just waiting for them to pop up and make a presentation. All but one variety was purchased from  Bakers Creek Seeds ,we have been buying them for about 7+ yrs ,we actually visit the farm in Missouri in 2012 on our way to South Dakota. The are very conscious of the GMO problems and keep their seeds pure. Plus, they have varieties that you can't find anywhere else....great company, with an interesting family.  These are the varieties we planted  this year...

1) Gotte Jaune D'Or- beautiful little heads
2) Red Romaine
3) Crisp Mint- Also a Romaine type
4) Little Gem- this is one of our favorites and we have grown it for years. They are small little heads that are so yummy.
5) Parris Island- this one is a Martha Living brand and grows well down here in the south

I can't wait to have our own fresh lettuce again!!! In a couple weeks, I'll sew lettuce seeds again in between the rows, so we'll have lettuce until it gets too hot.

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