Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Newest Addition to the Farm.....weep...weep

This morning I picked up 6 geese from the post office. Buck ordered American Buff geese from Metzer Farms and they all arrived happy and healthy....and huge! They are very social little guys. All of the chicks and ducks in the brooder normal run from you when you stick your hand in there (at this age), but not the goslings.....they love affection! They are so sweet! They make a "weep" noise instead of a "cheep"...."weep, weep, weeeeeep"....just darling.

Now I need to move some of the chicks and ducks, because these geese are going to grow fast and will need more room.

Riding you think they needed the seatbelt?

Little Young loves the geese

They look like giants to the chicks

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grovia and Kawaii

These two I have not used as much. I have several Grovia AIO and one Kawaii pocket.

GROVIA AIO- this diaper is an All-In-One. It has one insert sewn in and the other snaps to it for better absorbance. All of mine are snaps and the snaps are on the side. This brand is known for being slim and very earth friendly.

Grovia AIO outside
- No stuffing
- Natural fibers
- Slim fitting
- Easy to find/purchase
- Very stylish Prints
- This brand offers extenders for "thicker" little ones
- Pretty absorbent

- Design can make it hard to spray out solids
- If you line dry (I do), the natural fabrics are very stiff
- The side snaps can be hard to get use to
- Is a more expensive diaper
- Better for skinny babies

Grovia inside

KAWAII- I  have the pocket version and is the "Goodnite" diaper with 2 microfiber inserts.....mine is snap. This is a higher end china

- Good fit
- Very absorbent, with both inserts
- Easy to spray out solids
-Comes in a variety of cute prints
- Easy to purchase
- Inexpensive

- Have to stuff
- Holds odors more than a natural fabric
- Very bulky with both inserts

Kawaii outside
Kawaii inside

I really, really wanted to love Grovia for a lot of reasons, but it just isn't one I used much. I currently still have the diapers, but I won't be buying any more. I have pretty narrow children and poor Little Young's butt cheek was hanging out by the time he was a year old. Hopefully the new little one will get some use out of them. I love the prints, though.
Because of the bulk of the Kawaii, I used this diaper for naps. I did occasionally use only one insert, but then it wasn't absorbent enough for my little man. I probably won't buy any more of these, but if I didn't already have a lot of Rumparzoo for nap time, these would be a good choice.

My last Diaper Review is going to be on my all time favorite!!!! You'll have to check back to find out which one it is. 

When Did "Project" Become A Bad Word?

tearing out drywall
I have always enjoyed flipping through a magazine and tearing out decorating ideas. I'd save the pictures and ask Buck about the cost and time a "project" would take. Well, times have changed and so have we.....we have internet and the "projects" are readily at our fingertips, especially with Pinterest for ideas. And that's when "project" became a naughty word. I recently realized that when I showed Buck a picture of something I'd like for him to help me with, his prices seemed really "Yeah, I can do that.....I mean, it may take me a while and cost a lot" :) Then, I  would ask my brother in law (he owns a construction business) and his quotes seemed more reasonable. My BIL always says, "I can build anything....for the right price" My BIL has contributed to most of my projects, he always has small amounts of things left over from the stain for my bookcase. So anyway, I dialed back my to-do list for hubby and we started moving our 4 girls into our largest room in the house. The room already had a closet, but I thought it would be a good idea to make 2 large closet doors instead of the 1 regular one. Buck tried to tell me that it was going to be a lot of work, but I just envisioned him cutting 2 holes out in the drywall and framing it Buck. He had to tear all the drywall out on that wall and move 3 outlets and 1 light switch, rip out the header for the existing closet door and then put 2 large headers for the new doors....oh, then fix the drywall.....and paint the whole room. LOL....obviously you realize why "project" is now a bad word at our house. I have to be very careful about my wording, on things that I would like done before the baby the baby's room (it's currently pink...not going to work for a boy), paint the kitchen (we have lived here 9+ yrs, it needs it), fence in the back yard ( I don't want to lose any children), put up a closet organizer (for the girls new closet), and finish our back deck....oh and polyurethane the changing table I just That's after we get all the garden and farm work done :) Buck only does things I can't do...... or he won't let me do. He says I'll mess up if I paint any of the rooms, but he says that because he's so good at it. He even paints my toenails and all the girls nails!!! I am so thankful that he has the skill to do all these things and I don't have to hire someone. I guess we'll all rest a bit when the baby gets here :)

drywall out the window
I'm trying to teach Buck

adding new header
ripping out the existing header

somewhat, finished closet. sorry, I couldn't get a good pic around the 2 sets for bunkbeds

Monday, April 28, 2014

Alva, Sunbaby....China Diaper Review

Like I originally said, I bought a lot of cheap diapers in the beginning, thinking that they were just as good. Well, it didn't take long for me to realize that changing the baby's clothes and diaper every 30 min- an hour was not going to work. I am going to review all of my "china diapers" together. I have used Happyland, Alva, and Sunbaby....maybe a few other brands, but they're all the same.

- Cheap
- Very easy to find
- Cute prints
- Comes in both aplix and snaps

- Leak
- No double gusset
- Had to stuff (mine were all pockets)
- Not natural materials
- Holds stink really bad
- wicked around the legs

Okay, so the major hang up with these are that they leak. If they leak, then they aren't doing their job. Some people have had luck drying them in a really hot dryer and that can "seal" the stitching better....and maybe they won't leak. But, to give them credit, Little Young was at a very "heavy wetter" stage when we tried all of these. They just didn't work for us and after a little over a month, I tried other brand and never used them again. So, my your money and your time and try other diapers.

Sorry, no pics....they're gone!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

White Feathers on the Green Grass

Today three of the older children had testing, so we were gone most of the day. As we pulled up our driveway, I seen feathers blowing across the yard like someone had shredded several pillows.  They were so beautiful and white blowing across the green grass. I was not prepared for what I saw next.....

 Dead chickens laying in every direction. By the time I stopped the van, I could barely breath. I got one of the older children to get Little Young out of the car and I ran to the chicken coops. I can hardly tell you the emotions I felt as I walked by pen, after pen that had been ripped open. The chicken wire was torn and crumpled, doors were open. As I walked past the pens and looked at the poor chickens, I just sobbed....there was nothing else to do. I normally hold it together, for the kids, no matter how bad it gets, but the pain was just too overwhelming. All of these poor chickens had names and personalities (most of them were Silkies, which are more like a lap dog than a chicken). There was a mother Silkie with her duck, she hatched (yep, chickens will hatch ducks too)....gone. My beautiful Cochins that David bought me for my birthday, they came from California....gone. All of the chickens that were killed were from all over the country. I just couldn't figure out what animal would do this....nothing was eaten, just killed for sport. Then, my Mother-in-law walked up (they live next door) and said she had scared away 2 dogs earlier in the day with a be be gun. Yep, dogs would do this. We walked into our little chicken/ rabbit barn and they had pulled one of the seven foot hanging cages down. The chickens inside were alive, but the ones that freerange from that barn were gone. We found 16 dead chickens and 3 more are missing. We found 3 alive, but they are injured and in shock.

How do you move on from something like this? Posie lost all her chickens today. She loved holding her chickens like a baby doll. I guess like every other loss, slowly. It took more than 4 years to find and buy the quality we wanted. The children are ready to fill that void and find more chickens to replace the lost, but I just can't even bring myself to send out anemail or look on the just hurts too much. How do I prevent something like this from happening again? I can't....those dogs would have tore into anything, but a solid house.

"Time heals all wounds" I have defiantly found that to be true, but sometimes we have a scar......

All of these chickens were killed today

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Love This Wreath

I found an awesome tutorial, on, on how to make a Christmas wreath. Well, the wreath was soooo cute and great for any occasion! So, I made one :) The blog is great at explaining the step-by-steps to this wreath. But, I will add a couple things....

1) The spray adhesive that is "optional" in
the directions, is not optional (imo), without it your wreath would shed almost all the moss you worked so hard to put on.

2)There is no measurements on how much plumber tubing you use, so after all was said and done I needed 3 tubes, not 2.

3) There is no directions on how to hang it on your door, so you have to wing it.

4) The directions say to "heat treat" the edges of the satin fabric. In hindsight, I would have at least folded under and stitched the bow, but that's just me.....I like a nice neat edge. I may redo the bow with my extra fabric.

I love the blog and would have never thought of this on my own....two thumbs up!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Distressed Bookcase Project

My dad is great at wood working and built me a bookcase shortly after Christmas. He left it unfinished so I could paint it and distress it with stain. I know what your thinking....."you have 7 children....can't they distress it for you". Yes, they could, but it would take far too long. I found an awesome website that has all the info on "how to distress furniture" prettyhandygirl blog and I went to work.

Finished bookcase
First, Elsie and I painted it a blue/green color.
 Next, I went over it with stain.
Then, Buck added a coat of polyurethane.

Buck and his brother finally got the bookcase in the house and I am loading it up with homeschool books!!! Yay!!!

Snail starting to dust the

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Salmon Patties....mmmm

My mother made awesome Salmon Patties ,when I was child, and I always enjoyed inspecting the bones (I know weird....and gross). As an adult I realize how healthy salmon is and we make this recipe at least once a month (this isn't mom's recipe....she uses crackers). You can half this's enough to feed all of us :)


- 2 cans salmon
- 2 small onions(chopped)
- 2 eggs
- 2 cups bread crumbs
- 2 tsp dill weed
- 2 Tbsp mayo

~ mash your salmon with a fork
~ add remaining ingredients
~ shape into patties and cook in a greased (we use coconut oil) fry pan  (we use a double burner griddle) on med- med/high heat.
~ cook both sides until golden-dark brown


~dill weed
~lemon juice

I just mix these ingredients until it taste