Monday, April 28, 2014

Alva, Sunbaby....China Diaper Review

Like I originally said, I bought a lot of cheap diapers in the beginning, thinking that they were just as good. Well, it didn't take long for me to realize that changing the baby's clothes and diaper every 30 min- an hour was not going to work. I am going to review all of my "china diapers" together. I have used Happyland, Alva, and Sunbaby....maybe a few other brands, but they're all the same.

- Cheap
- Very easy to find
- Cute prints
- Comes in both aplix and snaps

- Leak
- No double gusset
- Had to stuff (mine were all pockets)
- Not natural materials
- Holds stink really bad
- wicked around the legs

Okay, so the major hang up with these are that they leak. If they leak, then they aren't doing their job. Some people have had luck drying them in a really hot dryer and that can "seal" the stitching better....and maybe they won't leak. But, to give them credit, Little Young was at a very "heavy wetter" stage when we tried all of these. They just didn't work for us and after a little over a month, I tried other brand and never used them again. So, my your money and your time and try other diapers.

Sorry, no pics....they're gone!

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