Monday, April 14, 2014

Distressed Bookcase Project

My dad is great at wood working and built me a bookcase shortly after Christmas. He left it unfinished so I could paint it and distress it with stain. I know what your thinking....."you have 7 children....can't they distress it for you". Yes, they could, but it would take far too long. I found an awesome website that has all the info on "how to distress furniture" prettyhandygirl blog and I went to work.

Finished bookcase
First, Elsie and I painted it a blue/green color.
 Next, I went over it with stain.
Then, Buck added a coat of polyurethane.

Buck and his brother finally got the bookcase in the house and I am loading it up with homeschool books!!! Yay!!!

Snail starting to dust the

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