Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grovia and Kawaii

These two I have not used as much. I have several Grovia AIO and one Kawaii pocket.

GROVIA AIO- this diaper is an All-In-One. It has one insert sewn in and the other snaps to it for better absorbance. All of mine are snaps and the snaps are on the side. This brand is known for being slim and very earth friendly.

Grovia AIO outside
- No stuffing
- Natural fibers
- Slim fitting
- Easy to find/purchase
- Very stylish Prints
- This brand offers extenders for "thicker" little ones
- Pretty absorbent

- Design can make it hard to spray out solids
- If you line dry (I do), the natural fabrics are very stiff
- The side snaps can be hard to get use to
- Is a more expensive diaper
- Better for skinny babies

Grovia inside

KAWAII- I  have the pocket version and is the "Goodnite" diaper with 2 microfiber inserts.....mine is snap. This is a higher end china

- Good fit
- Very absorbent, with both inserts
- Easy to spray out solids
-Comes in a variety of cute prints
- Easy to purchase
- Inexpensive

- Have to stuff
- Holds odors more than a natural fabric
- Very bulky with both inserts

Kawaii outside
Kawaii inside

I really, really wanted to love Grovia for a lot of reasons, but it just isn't one I used much. I currently still have the diapers, but I won't be buying any more. I have pretty narrow children and poor Little Young's butt cheek was hanging out by the time he was a year old. Hopefully the new little one will get some use out of them. I love the prints, though.
Because of the bulk of the Kawaii, I used this diaper for naps. I did occasionally use only one insert, but then it wasn't absorbent enough for my little man. I probably won't buy any more of these, but if I didn't already have a lot of Rumparzoo for nap time, these would be a good choice.

My last Diaper Review is going to be on my all time favorite!!!! You'll have to check back to find out which one it is. 

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