Monday, April 21, 2014

I Love This Wreath

I found an awesome tutorial, on, on how to make a Christmas wreath. Well, the wreath was soooo cute and great for any occasion! So, I made one :) The blog is great at explaining the step-by-steps to this wreath. But, I will add a couple things....

1) The spray adhesive that is "optional" in
the directions, is not optional (imo), without it your wreath would shed almost all the moss you worked so hard to put on.

2)There is no measurements on how much plumber tubing you use, so after all was said and done I needed 3 tubes, not 2.

3) There is no directions on how to hang it on your door, so you have to wing it.

4) The directions say to "heat treat" the edges of the satin fabric. In hindsight, I would have at least folded under and stitched the bow, but that's just me.....I like a nice neat edge. I may redo the bow with my extra fabric.

I love the blog and would have never thought of this on my own....two thumbs up!!!

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