Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Newest Addition to the Farm.....weep...weep

This morning I picked up 6 geese from the post office. Buck ordered American Buff geese from Metzer Farms and they all arrived happy and healthy....and huge! They are very social little guys. All of the chicks and ducks in the brooder normal run from you when you stick your hand in there (at this age), but not the goslings.....they love affection! They are so sweet! They make a "weep" noise instead of a "cheep"...."weep, weep, weeeeeep"....just darling.

Now I need to move some of the chicks and ducks, because these geese are going to grow fast and will need more room.

Riding you think they needed the seatbelt?

Little Young loves the geese

They look like giants to the chicks

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