Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When Did "Project" Become A Bad Word?

tearing out drywall
I have always enjoyed flipping through a magazine and tearing out decorating ideas. I'd save the pictures and ask Buck about the cost and time a "project" would take. Well, times have changed and so have we.....we have internet and the "projects" are readily at our fingertips, especially with Pinterest for ideas. And that's when "project" became a naughty word. I recently realized that when I showed Buck a picture of something I'd like for him to help me with, his prices seemed really "Yeah, I can do that.....I mean, it may take me a while and cost a lot" :) Then, I  would ask my brother in law (he owns a construction business) and his quotes seemed more reasonable. My BIL always says, "I can build anything....for the right price" My BIL has contributed to most of my projects, he always has small amounts of things left over from the stain for my bookcase. So anyway, I dialed back my to-do list for hubby and we started moving our 4 girls into our largest room in the house. The room already had a closet, but I thought it would be a good idea to make 2 large closet doors instead of the 1 regular one. Buck tried to tell me that it was going to be a lot of work, but I just envisioned him cutting 2 holes out in the drywall and framing it Buck. He had to tear all the drywall out on that wall and move 3 outlets and 1 light switch, rip out the header for the existing closet door and then put 2 large headers for the new doors....oh, then fix the drywall.....and paint the whole room. LOL....obviously you realize why "project" is now a bad word at our house. I have to be very careful about my wording, on things that I would like done before the baby the baby's room (it's currently pink...not going to work for a boy), paint the kitchen (we have lived here 9+ yrs, it needs it), fence in the back yard ( I don't want to lose any children), put up a closet organizer (for the girls new closet), and finish our back deck....oh and polyurethane the changing table I just That's after we get all the garden and farm work done :) Buck only does things I can't do...... or he won't let me do. He says I'll mess up if I paint any of the rooms, but he says that because he's so good at it. He even paints my toenails and all the girls nails!!! I am so thankful that he has the skill to do all these things and I don't have to hire someone. I guess we'll all rest a bit when the baby gets here :)

drywall out the window
I'm trying to teach Buck

adding new header
ripping out the existing header

somewhat, finished closet. sorry, I couldn't get a good pic around the 2 sets for bunkbeds

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