Thursday, April 24, 2014

White Feathers on the Green Grass

Today three of the older children had testing, so we were gone most of the day. As we pulled up our driveway, I seen feathers blowing across the yard like someone had shredded several pillows.  They were so beautiful and white blowing across the green grass. I was not prepared for what I saw next.....

 Dead chickens laying in every direction. By the time I stopped the van, I could barely breath. I got one of the older children to get Little Young out of the car and I ran to the chicken coops. I can hardly tell you the emotions I felt as I walked by pen, after pen that had been ripped open. The chicken wire was torn and crumpled, doors were open. As I walked past the pens and looked at the poor chickens, I just sobbed....there was nothing else to do. I normally hold it together, for the kids, no matter how bad it gets, but the pain was just too overwhelming. All of these poor chickens had names and personalities (most of them were Silkies, which are more like a lap dog than a chicken). There was a mother Silkie with her duck, she hatched (yep, chickens will hatch ducks too)....gone. My beautiful Cochins that David bought me for my birthday, they came from California....gone. All of the chickens that were killed were from all over the country. I just couldn't figure out what animal would do this....nothing was eaten, just killed for sport. Then, my Mother-in-law walked up (they live next door) and said she had scared away 2 dogs earlier in the day with a be be gun. Yep, dogs would do this. We walked into our little chicken/ rabbit barn and they had pulled one of the seven foot hanging cages down. The chickens inside were alive, but the ones that freerange from that barn were gone. We found 16 dead chickens and 3 more are missing. We found 3 alive, but they are injured and in shock.

How do you move on from something like this? Posie lost all her chickens today. She loved holding her chickens like a baby doll. I guess like every other loss, slowly. It took more than 4 years to find and buy the quality we wanted. The children are ready to fill that void and find more chickens to replace the lost, but I just can't even bring myself to send out anemail or look on the just hurts too much. How do I prevent something like this from happening again? I can't....those dogs would have tore into anything, but a solid house.

"Time heals all wounds" I have defiantly found that to be true, but sometimes we have a scar......

All of these chickens were killed today