Thursday, May 29, 2014

Strawberry season....says Mother's Day

On the actual day (Mother's Day), I woke up to a wonderful breakfast, that Elsie had made. She has paid close attention to the fact that I haven't been eating a lot of sweet things this pregnancy, so breakfast was....a yummy omelet, strawberries from the garden, and fresh lemonade. It was wonderful to wake up and not have to think about breakfast for one day and the food was delicious :)

  My Sister-in-law, a couple friends, and I went to the theatre to see "Mom's Night Out", after church. I laughed so hard that I literally had to control myself before my popcorn made a second appearance. The movie is perfect for everyone....especially if you have children.

The day after Mother's Day, Buck took the day off so we could go "Pick Strawberries". This was actually the first time we had ever been to a "U Pick" farm. We must have looked like naturals, because the employees gave us no handed each of the kids buckets (yes, each child had a bucket) and pointed us in the direction where they were picking for the day. I figured picking berries isn't that hard, so we'd be okay without them, but I didn't know if we were allowed to eat some as we pick or not. Chuck asked someone and they said, "Yes, you can have "a few" each". Okay, in our family "a couple" is 2, "a few" is 3+, and "several" is 4+.

 So, with that we started picking. I was getting a little worried watching all of the children with their own bucket, they just kept picking and picking.....and picking.... I'm thinking...ahhh.....maybe the kids can wash strawberry buckets to pay off this While everyone was picking and eating "a few", Little Young was not understanding why he was suppose to leave any of these yummy treats on the our house we strip the plants clean....or our sibling will :) The older children were finding berries with rotten spots where they touch the ground and some with bug holes and instead of throwing the "yucky" ones out they just picked the bad part off and ate it.. Little Young picked up on this right away, he would pick a berry and when he was told to put it in the bucket he would reply "yucky" and eat it instead. By the time Buck called a "halt" on berry picking Little Young looked like he was in a "berry coma".

We made our way back to building, where they weigh your berries, so we could see what the damage was......15 It could have been much worse. That's when I started reading the rules on the building....wash your hands before picking (nope, didn't do that), there were several rules we didn't follow, but the one that stuck out at me was.....eating 1 or 2 berries is fine, but any more is stealing!!!! Ooops!!! We asked, we asked....she never gave us a number, just "a few". Buck says we did them a favor, because the kids ate the spoiled

My absolute favorite part of the Strawberry Farm was the ice cream!!! I haven't been eating hardly any ice cream lately, but this was soft serve with the farm's own strawberry syrup mixed in and it wasn't too sweet. I would honestly go back just for the ice cream....mmmmm.

So, I wrapped up the day with standing in the kitchen making 2 different strawberry jams and a strawberry shortcake.  Another good thing about having multiple children....when one gets tired of helping, there's always another around somewhere (Elsie, Gus-gus, and Posie helped with the strawberry cooking and canning). It was a great day and I have jam to remind of the trip for a good while.

Snail and I




This was one of my "few" :)



Little Young's "berry coma"
Gus-gus helping smash berries for jam

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