Thursday, May 8, 2014

They said "I do" = a new Sister-in-law

My younger brother got married this past Sunday. It was nice to have so much of the family involved and several family members from South Dakota came down to attend and help out. Everything was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.

My Father-in-law was the minister at the wedding
It was an honor to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. Their dress color was a pale pink and the bride found some really cute dresses at So, I bought my cute little sz 6 pink dress and was set for the wedding....which wasn't for almost a year.( at the time I wasn't pregnant)  I had tried the dress on about 2 wks before the wedding and I was squished, but could breath, just not deeply. I hadn't thought about my ribcage expanding with all my organs being pushed up. But, as long as a didn't grow too much in 2 wks the dress was still a go.  Fast forward to "night before the wedding" took Buck and Elsie to zip my dress up! I was having trouble breathing, but I think it was due to my fear of finding 2 people on the wedding day to help me One of the other bridesmaids zipped me....yep, only took 1....and everything was uneventful. I didn't bust the zipper, rip the back, or pass out. I couldn't breath or eat normally, but I am soooo happy I fit into that dress and the wedding went so well. It isn't everyday you get to attend or be in a wedding.....watching 2 people start their journey together. Weddings always remind me think of Buck and I first starting out and our windy paths that got us to where we are now.

Oh!!! And Elsie caught the bouquet!!! Don't get any ideas Elsie :)

Older bro, me, younger bro (groom), Mom, Dad

My sweet girls

2 of the handsome fellas

Elsie and my Mom....can you believe she made Elsie's dress!!!

Sharing their first dance

My Aunt (Mom's sister) and Mom

Our beautiful brood

My hairdo...

Elsie and I

The lady that did mine and another bridesmaid's hair was very talented
Little Young was happy to stay with Daddy all day....he was exhausted by the end

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