Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's in Your Hospital Bag?!?!

Well, over the years I have simplified my hospital bag ,but everyone's will vary quite a bit. My bag isn't huge, so I just bring what I need for about 1-2 days.

~ Nightgown or 2 piece pj set for me (makes for much better pics than the hospital gown)
~ Going home outfit for me
~ 2 nursing bras
~ panties
~ socks
~ flip flops (they are easy to get on and off while getting in and out of the bed. I always buy a new pair to go in my bag and then I can use them afterward)
~ hair clips and pony holders
~ hair brush
~ face wash/ moisturizer
~ shampoo, cond, soap, razor
~ deodorant
~toothbrush/ paste ( I buy a new brush and put it in the bag and after birth swap out my old one)
~ chap stick
~ lip gloss and any other light makeup you may want
~ contact solution and case
~ sanitary pads ( the hospital provides them, but sometimes they don't work that great)
~ nursing pads ( I recommend the "Lansinoh" brand, they don't stick to sore breasts or fuzz everywhere)
~ nipple cream
~ nursing cover-up

~ 2 outfits for baby ( 1 for going home and 1 extra)
~ socks
~ 2 burp clothes
~ hat (or bonnet!)
~ 2 light blankets (I use Muslin blankets)
~ baby book
~ soap for first bath (hospital proves this, but we like our own)
~ lotion or cream (overdue babies are very dry)

Ok, and I have a small list of things that need to be grabbed on the way out the door...
~ pillow ( I like my own and I need it for while laboring in the car)
~ cell phone and charger

We have about a week and a half until my due date and I just completed the bag.....not everyone should wait this long...I'm just a slacker.  Hopefully the bag doesn't sit too long un-used :)

Beautiful Bonnets Elsie made for the Baby!!!

The little one is going to wear the cream one while in the hospital
and the blue on the way home.
Elsie does such a wonderful job crocheting that it just blows my mind. Anytime I crochet, I always have to ask for her advice....very  So, when I was shopping on Etsy for a bonnet pattern she was right there with me helping pick. We knew we wanted something very open, since the baby will be born in the heat of summer and a pattern that wasn't too difficult...or girly :) We settled on this pattern Etsy Bonnet Pattern and it turned out perfect. (we added "Sari Silk Ribbon" from this seller here for the ties) I'm always in awe watching Elsie's fingers fly not missing a beat. She's so talented and has here whole life ahead of her to improve.

Now, I tried 4 times to make the same bonnet she just had success with.....I failed :( I just couldn't get the tension right. My stitches were either too small or too large. So, I gave up and let Elsie make the second one too.

It is really special knowing that the little guy will be wearing something that Elsie made for him....just priceless!

Friday, June 20, 2014

37 wk belly shot

Last week, Buck took a pic of me before we went out together, so I thought I'd share.

Crystal Mobile Mom and I made

I found an awesome mobile for the baby's room on pinterest (says quietly so hubby doesn't hear). And it looked soooo easy and cute,so I had to try it! Here's the blog...God Bless Our Nest- Blog....she gives great, detailed instructions.

Mom came up this past weekend and she was more than willing to help me tie all those beautiful crystals onto fishing line....50 crystals to be exact :) We watched "Pride and  Prejudice" while we worked and got done in time before the ending. It turned out soooo sweet! Thanks Mom!


Metal wreath: Hobby Lobby less than $2 with coupon
Cream spray paint: about $2
Muslin ruffle: less than $1
Crystals: I ordered on ebay...$3 (could have used more than 50, but I think it looks fine)
Fishing line: My dad supplied Bucks line was green :)

Refinishing My Crib and Changing Table

I have been so busy getting baby things ready and we have a produce explosion in the But I just have to share about my "projects" :)

I bought a "new to me" crib while pregnant with snail. So, the crib and changing table have never matched. This didn't really bother me until I realized I could do something about it. So, this pregnancy I decided to refinish/ antique both.....

I started with the changing table, since Little Young was still in the crib. I used the same technique as the shelf I distressed (prettyhandygirl blog).....paint, lightly brush on stain with a dry paintbrush, rub off some of the stain. Then, I went back and added stress marks on corners and edges, but didn't wipe them. Finally, Buck went over everything with polyurethane.

The changing table was originally a dark cherry, so 1 coat of paint took me 2.5 hrs. I just kept looking at it thinking "one coat looks good...maybe not the best, but good". Anytime I hit a little bump like this I always ask Buck for his opinion. I asked, "Honey, what do you think? One coat looks fine, right?" He said, "Well, if that's the look you were going for then, I guess it looks fine, but I would do another coat".  Thank God he tells me what I need to hear instead of what I want to hear. So, I did a second coat and everything turned out perfect.

Now, the crib was lighter in color, but was little bit more difficult because of the slates and it being all taken apart. (I would have loved  to have left it together, but it wouldn't fit through the door). So, I had to be very careful what I leaned the pieces against or the paint came off....this happened several times. I finally got smart and put rags in between all the pieces. What's funny is, I don't think the side pieces and the end pieces of the crib ever went together....they're not even the same color. But now you would never know!

I really enjoyed refinishing the crib and changing table AND I love even more enjoying looking at the finished product. I never thought it would come out so well. Little bit of advice.....start a project like this when your baby bump isn't quit so big, my poor little guy hated being squished while I Oh, and if you are expecting, paint and stain to have that fresh air.

Paint color I used: Vanilla Custard:Beur paint
Stain color: Early American

This is the color difference in the sides and ends of the crib...before

changing table before
After my first coat (when I wanted to quit)
Finished Product
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

7 Children, 1 Tired Hubby, and 1 Huge Preggo= Our Trip to Texas

I haven't blogged about our trip yet, because I needed time to recover from the traveling. I am fully aware that I always push myself to the max, but I thought it was no big deal to ride/drive 18 hours one way (13 hrs if we didn't stop for gas, food, or sleep) in the car being 34 wks pregnant.....boy did my body think otherwise!

I drove the first 2-3 hrs of the trip. We left in the late afternoon, so we stopped on the other side of Tallapoosa, AL for supper. If you have never eaten at a "Newk's" restaurant, it's worth a trip. Newk's reminds me of a "Panara Bread" with an Italian flare. We ate at the Newk's chain while we were at a chicken show in Newnan, Ga and thought it would be a great idea to eat there again on this trip. Buck had a Roast Beef sandwich and I had a Shrimp Po'Boy with Lobster/Crab Bisque.....mmmm. I was so full from the sandwich that I saved my soup for a midnight snack on the road. We stopped once, to sleep on the way, but just imagine a pregnant women trying to sleep with her feet up on the dash. By the time we arrived in Spring, Tx, Buck and I were exhausted. I even told Buck's aunt that I was going to stay in Texas and have the baby, then fly back.....I just couldn't imagine getting back in that car and torturing myself again.

Our stay in Texas was great! We stayed with Buck's aunt and uncle, his grandmother also lives with them. They're not really use to having kids around all the time, especially 7, but they were great with the kids. They also had 3 Pug dogs, that the children really enjoyed. I was a little worried that his aunt would think I was a crazy health food person, but it turns out she's a health nut  They have an inground pool, so the kids were wrinkled prunes most of the Oddly enough, it was cooler in Texas than it was in Georgia while we were there, so they turned the pool heater on for the kids....sooo sweet! One day we went to a boardwalk full of shops and rides, in a small town named Kemah. We all had a great time and the kids rode a ton of rides. Most of the children had never been on any carnival rides, so it was a real treat. We also went to a historic town named Old Town Spring. It was the cutest little town full of shops and food. We found it by chance while I was looking for a place to buy a teacup ( I buy a teacup from all the different places we visit). By the time we started looking around most of the shops were closing :( We still managed to buy a couple souvenirs for Buck's parents (they took care of the farm....bless them), some dutch licorice, 2 teacups (the second one was too cute to pass up), and a birthday present for my mother.

On the Boardwalk
The last day we said goodbye to Buck's family and went to visit my uncle and aunt, a little over an hour away. We were so busy talking and visiting that we forgot to take pictures!!! I'm so bummed about that. My aunt whom is almost 80 has a huge garden and canned over 400 quart jars of food last year!!! We got to sample some of that harvest and it was mmmmm favorite was her pickled okra...Oh, and some thin sliced garlic pickles (sorry a pregnant women can't pick one favorite pickled item). And my uncle who is 81, looks like he hasn't aged at all in the past 15 yrs...they both don't look ....or act...their age. I wish we could have stayed longer, they are so full of knowledge and just plain awesome people to be around.
The drive home was manageable, but poor Buck wanted me to drive, so he could get a break, but my legs and feet were so swollen that I couldn't. By the time we got home I had no visible ankles or veins in my feet. Even some of the children had swollen feet. We made it back and I learned a very valuable lesson....Don't push yourself farther than you can happily deal with. The kids did great on the was Buck and I that were grumpy.

To leave you on a positive note....
You want to know something very interesting about Texas? They have a donut shop  every block. And I don't mean these chain places like DDonut and KKreme....I'm talking about "Grandma woke up at the crack of dawn to make these awesome donuts!" They were delicious, not like a piece of cake that makes you feel yucky for hours, but a light homemade yummy yum don
ut. And Texans eat them all the time. There were some waiting on us at Buck's aunt's house when we arrived (I had an awesome cake donut) and my aunt sent my uncle out for some as a "snack" when we got to their house (the best apple fritters you ever put in your mouth).

Mary on carousel

Buck and Little Young

Buck's Aunt, Grandma, Uncle and Me

Back- Elsie, Little Young, and Mary....Front- Chuck and Gus gus

Aunt, Grandma, Uncle, and Buck

Me, Snail, and Posie

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thirsties Cloth Diaper Review....MY FAVORITE!!!

These have been my favorite diapers. I own several of the pocket style and a couple of the AIOs, this review is for these styles.

THIRSTIES POCKET-  The pockets that own come in 2 sizes (awesome feature), but with a very recent change they no longer do. The diaper comes with 2 inserts that snap together, one is microfiber and one is hemp. These also have the best "double gussets". Even though they have a sz 1 &2, they also have the snap down rise to get an even more customize fit.....a lot of the other brand sized diapers do not have the snap down rise.  Available in both aplix and snap. This diaper has something that none of the other pockets I own opening in the front and back of the diaper to stuff the you don't have to touch poo :)

My first Thirsties diaper...still usable
-aplix wears well

- nice fit
- cute prints
- best double gussets
- very absorbent with both inserts
- inserts snap together for easier "stuffing"
- easy to obtain
-opening in front and back to stuff inserts
- very trim

- you have to "stuff" them
- not all natural (some microfiber)

THIRSTIES AIO- Comes in 2 sizes (1 & 2),  has a snap down rise, and microfiber sewn in soaker....making it an AIO. The AIO does NOT have double gussets like the pocket.

- No stuffing...AIO
-aplix wears well

- nice fit
- cute prints
- very trim

- not as absorbent as the pocket
- no double gussets
- not all natural
- run smaller than the pocket

This is hands down my fav diaper company. I have never had a leak in the Thirsties pocket....even huge BMs. They wash well and don't hold stink. They are the first diapers I grab for after wash day (unless I'm in a huge hurry and don't have time to stuff). They also rinse very easily after a poopy diaper. Now, the Thirsties AIOs aren't as high on my list. When I purchased them I thought they had the double gussets. I have had leaks in them as Little Young had gotten older. And he outgrew it right before we started potty training. I would buy a ton of Thirsties pockets if I was just starting out, but not a lot of the AIOs. With the recent change I believe both these styles are "one size"....I have yet to try them. But, the Thirsties covers still come in different sizes.

** I have bought several Thirsties diapers for the new baby including some pockets in a sz 1 and some covers. The covers you use with prefolds, flats, or fitteds. I can't wait to try them!!!

awesome double gusset

inside of pocket

outside of snap pocket
inserts un-snapped

on Little Young