Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beautiful Bonnets Elsie made for the Baby!!!

The little one is going to wear the cream one while in the hospital
and the blue on the way home.
Elsie does such a wonderful job crocheting that it just blows my mind. Anytime I crochet, I always have to ask for her advice....very  So, when I was shopping on Etsy for a bonnet pattern she was right there with me helping pick. We knew we wanted something very open, since the baby will be born in the heat of summer and a pattern that wasn't too difficult...or girly :) We settled on this pattern Etsy Bonnet Pattern and it turned out perfect. (we added "Sari Silk Ribbon" from this seller here for the ties) I'm always in awe watching Elsie's fingers fly not missing a beat. She's so talented and has here whole life ahead of her to improve.

Now, I tried 4 times to make the same bonnet she just had success with.....I failed :( I just couldn't get the tension right. My stitches were either too small or too large. So, I gave up and let Elsie make the second one too.

It is really special knowing that the little guy will be wearing something that Elsie made for him....just priceless!

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