Friday, June 20, 2014

Crystal Mobile Mom and I made

I found an awesome mobile for the baby's room on pinterest (says quietly so hubby doesn't hear). And it looked soooo easy and cute,so I had to try it! Here's the blog...God Bless Our Nest- Blog....she gives great, detailed instructions.

Mom came up this past weekend and she was more than willing to help me tie all those beautiful crystals onto fishing line....50 crystals to be exact :) We watched "Pride and  Prejudice" while we worked and got done in time before the ending. It turned out soooo sweet! Thanks Mom!


Metal wreath: Hobby Lobby less than $2 with coupon
Cream spray paint: about $2
Muslin ruffle: less than $1
Crystals: I ordered on ebay...$3 (could have used more than 50, but I think it looks fine)
Fishing line: My dad supplied Bucks line was green :)

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